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Encounters International Recently married couples: David and Marina
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Hal and Maria Packett from CA

(married in November 1997, Renewed the Vows on their 10th Anniversary in November, 2007)

Hal and Maria Packett

Hi Natasha,

Just stopped by you web site and thought you might like an update from one of your older clients.

We recently just celebrated our 10 th anniversary by getting married again in a Russian church in San Francisco and decided to send you some picture of the event. How the time flies!

We have two sons now (hoping for a daughter someday).

We noticed you still have our first son’s picture on your web site homepage (birth statistics, the baby with the flag).

Thanks for everything.

Hal and Maria Puckett (Michael and Jon)

PS Feel free to use our pictures on your web site if you like.

10th Wedding Anniversary


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