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Recently married couples: Edie and Elena
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Eddie and Elena Schafer from Staten Island, New York

I want to thank you for your professional service and personal assistance during this past year. It has been a ride that I will never forget. Although Lena is not a member of Encounters, I know this never could have happened for us without Encounters International.

You have taught me a great deal without even trying to. You have been an inspiration, a guide, and a staring role player in this whole process for me. You opened doors in my life that I never even knew existed before. I will always consider myself a part of Encounters International and a strong supporter of what you do.

Lena has been informed of Inna and you and is very excited about the prospect of going to one of the parties. I hope that the invitation is still open at least one more time. Thank you again for everything, Natasha.

In an industry filled with confusion, uncertainty, criminals, spiders, and darkness, you are a beacon of light that all your compatriots can aspire to. As Lena would say, "thank you much for all".


April, 2002

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