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Recently married couples: Don and Zhanna
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Donald Skalitzki (San Diego, CA)
and Zhanna Bukina (Arlington, VA)

Married October 16, 2000

Love Story By Zhanna and Don Skalitzki

They both lived in the US when they met. Zhanna joined EI in September 1999. Don became a member in two months after her. He was on the Pacific Ocean, while she was on the Atlantic. She might as well have lived in Russia: the distance between them would have been similar.

Natasha Spivack gave Zhanna's email address to Don.So, they emailed first. That is when they learned about each other's basic values and life principles. After their first telephone conversation he sent her flowers! She was ecstatic - flowers are any girl's weakness. For Christmas he sent her small but thoughtful gifts; he also sent some gifts for her best friend's new baby (soon-to-be Zhanna's Godson). She was delighted with his gentle care about her and the people she loved.

Then in January 2000, he came to visit her. She showed him around the city, which had been her home for almost 5 years. They greatly enjoyed each other's company. They strolled on the streets and talked... They drank hot chocolate and caramel apple cider and talked... They held hands and talked...

He flew to visit her again in February. Then, she went to see him in March. Again, he was visiting her in May. In June, they met halfway in Kansas. In July, he came to see her twice! They went on vacation together. In August, his friend was getting married in Kansas - they met there again. In September, Zhanna flew to see Don...

In between the visits, they were missing each other more and more. They emailed and phoned each other every day. She was also sending him letters in the mail. Meanwhile, her co-workers thought she was dating a florist, although he was a chemist. Soon, they both felt the time was coming to change the situation!

On Zhanna's latest visit he surprised her with the most romantic proposal to marry him! On a sailboat under the stars she said "Yes"! To celebrate their decision the next day, Don surprised her again - he book her on a hot-air balloon ride to watch the sunset over the ocean. They are now making plans for the nearest and long-term future together.

Natasha, we both thank you for establishing Encounters International. We thank you for being there for people looking to meet that one special person. We thank you for your sincerity in your desire to help people. We thank you for the opportunity you gave us and for your guidance and support!

Don and Zhanna. October, 2000


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