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Steve Myers from NJ and Mila Pankratova from Moscow, Russia
were married April 26 , 1999

How unpredictable people's lives are. I would never think that once upon a time in America I would meet a wonderful, kind man, who has raised his son all by himself, giving him all his soul, love and time. Not every mother is capable to treat her child with such care.

I have met my Steve because of Encounters International where the pleasant atmosphere of support and understanding is always prevailing. I've been living here for three months now. I experienced my first American spring here. It was like the spring of my whole life -- everything is changing rapidly. One day is never like the other one. Smiling faces of the people greeting you and wishing you to have a nice day! It is so different from life in Russia.

I want to live with Steve in love and peace many years to come. I am sure that there are many single people in America who need to have normal family life. Now I want my daughter Tanya who is 22 years old to find her happiness in here. I hope that she too will be as lucky as I am thanks to the dedicated work of Encounters International.

Mila Myers

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