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Encounters International Recently married couples: David and Marina
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David and Marina Ling from Falls Church, VA

(married August 18, 2007)

David  and Marina  Ling

Marina writes:

It has been three months that I am here. In America! Everything happened as a lucky coincidence. My girl-friend brought me to Encounters International office to get registered there. There, in the office I met David who became my future husband.

There were months of correspondence, several visits including a visit to the Embassy for the interview and finally there came the day of departure. It seemed that Moscow did not want to let me go. On the way to the airport I got stuck in a horrible traffic jam. The cars did not move for the almost an hour. I was ready to leave all my luggage behind and run on my two feet all the way to the airport. I made it and I am in the air!

But new trials were in store for me in New York. This time America did not want to let me in. I have spent 4 hours at the airport... In short, between the delays and time difference my trip from Moscow to Washington took 48 hours.

At last I am in America and America is something! I keep getting surprised at many little things in my daily life. Everything is convenient and comfortable! People here are wonderful! Everybody is trying to help you in everything. Here, the more you do for others, the "cooler'' you are...

David and Marina

After we got married we went to Las Vegas. This is a fairy-tale city that is beyond description. As my girl-friend said before my departure: "You must not die before you see Las Vegas" and she is absolutely right. In addition we went on a trip to Grand Canyon. My long term dream came true! An very recently we went to Niagara Falls. And all that in a very short period of time -- less than half a year. I can only guess how many interesting things are in store for me!

I am so happy here. I can't believe that my life could have gone differently! And for all that I am thankful of course to my husband David and the nice ladies who created this agency and help people find their soul mates. Thank you very much for your hard and very important work!

Especially I am thankful to Natasha Spivack, who was able to find the right words and convince me at the time when I was torn apart with doubts. Also, I am thankful to Tatiana in Moscow who helped me in correspondence since I have had zero English skills.


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