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Win a Free One Month Membership in February and Get Married in the Year 2000

For all of us, this year has started off in a non-traditional way. The uncertainty of the Y2K computer issues have given way to a renewed appreciation for life, love, and happiness. The Encounters International family of past clients, active clients, and prospective clients spent a wonderful Open House and Millennium Celebration in Orlando, Florida

December 31, 1999. Encounters International celebrates the Millennium in Orlando, Florida

This is a good time to thank everybody who came to Florida to join us on this day for their effort to make this celebration a true once in a lifetime event for us. Yes, January was a wonderful and unique time for Encounters International.

At Encounters International, we deal with the heart and soul every day of the year. Even for us, February is truly the month of the heart. This is a special time for all of us because of February 14th, St. Valentines Day! Even our day-to-day tasks of delivering flowers and sweetheart gifts to our ladies from their distant admirers, scanning photos of ladies with the flowers and gifts to transmit back to the men, and even planning for our traditional Open House event, are completed with the cheerful heart of cupid himself.

We don't want to lose that momentum and spirit this February! You are invited to join us for a special Encounters International party on February 26, 2000 from 4:00-8:00 p.m. at our Bethesda, Maryland headquarters . This special 'Gathering of the Heart' will be unlike our traditional Saturday Club Socials (which are exclusively for our members).

One of our typical monthly Saturday Club Socials at Encounters International

We hope that the 'Gathering of the Heart' will become our annual event in February open for members and guests. Encounters International requests that our guests RSVP to us at (301) 530-7759 to confirm your attendance. We need to plan for the attendance level. You don't want us to run out of champagne, do you?

In addition to the 'Gathering of the Heart' event, Encounters International will sponsor an essay contest. The writer of the essay, judged to be the best, will receive a complimentary (gratis, free, no charge) one month membership. This membership is valued at $350! All contests must have some rules. Here is the rule set:

  1. Complete the Encounters International Survey Form
  2. Prepare and submit natasha@encount.com your original essay, entitled "Why I Want To Marry A Russian Woman" to Encounters International.
  3. All entries must be received in our Bethesda, Maryland office by 26 February, 2000 to be eligible.
  4. Judging of the essays will be conducted by a panel of Russian women members of Encounters International, of various age and marital status.
  5. Grant Encounters International permission to use your photograph, your future fiancée's photograph, and your essay on our post-contest web page.
  6. Only one (1) each one-month free membership ($350 value) will be given away.
  7. The decision of the judges is final.
  8. The winner of the contest will be announced on Monday, February 28,2000. The winner will be notified by e-mail or fax, if requested.
  9. The winner does not have to be present. However, if you are, you can activate you membership on the spot and begin your journey. Direct and questions to Encounters International at (301) 530-7759.

Having said all the stuff, we look forward to reading your essay. Be sure to put your heart and soul into your essay because Russian ladies can tell these things. Good luck! We hope to see you on February 26, 2000


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