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One Month Trial Membership For Non-American Clients

With Encounters International growing publicity and popularity a number of requests from single men outside the United States has increased substantially. Although we already have quite a few clients from different countries of the world -- one of them from Japan is leaving to meet EI women next month; another wrote recently " I think I'm going to mess up your 'client map' when I bite the bullet and get married - you will have to include England in there somehow ...", -- still non-American clients constitute a small minority in Encounters International family. I fully understand their concerns. Comments like "Is it likely that some or many of the women in your club will prefer to settle in Norway (I live above the arctic circle, but the climate is relatively mild summer as winter), or " She must be prepared to live in South Africa if we were to get married", or "Firstable I don't know if the girls when they contact you to encounter a man in USA are interested to meet a man coming from France. France is not so far away from Russia ! ", -- these comments are relatively common. In order to address the concerns and enable non-American single men to become familiar with a level of personal service that is not available elsewhere and the level of interest Russian women have in EI clients regardless of where they live we decided to introduce one month trial membership program for them.

One month trial membership

Trial membership program can be referred to as a "try before you buy" equivalent to test driving a new car. It allows to experience the exclusive benefits of being an EI client without a fear of being ripped off typical for many singles, who had participated in local introduction services.

Because this membership with Encounters International is on a trial basis, there are a few requirements that we must mention now.

  • As with our regular membership, we expect our clients to conduct themselves like gentlemen at all times. A trial membership does not mean the women deserve any less courtesy or respect.
  • This membership is only one month (30 calendar days) in duration.
  • The cost is $350 for the trial membership.
  • The full trial membership fee ($350.00) will be credited toward a regular membership when you decide to upgrade. A balance of $1,500 will be due upon the expiration of the trial membership period.
  • You will be given a "userid" and "password" which will allow you full and immediate access to the Encounters International World Wide Web based database. Of course, this database is available around the clock to assist you in finding the Russian woman of your dreams. Our database is immediately updated as new women come to join at our international offices.
  • You may select any number of women that you believe meet your criteria to contact during the trial membership period.
  • You are welcome to contact Encounters International to discuss the women you have selected. We offer our invaluable insights and information about the women. As you know, we have interviewed and carefully screened each woman represented by EI. Also we request references from every woman accepted to EI and interact with every woman on a daily basis. This information available in the offices will help you succeed with the woman who is right for you and will allow you to avoid wasting your time corresponding with a woman who has different expectations.
  • You will be responsible for the cost of communication with your chosen ladies. Your outgoing e-mailed letters are free of charge. Incoming response letters are forwarded to you at a cost of $3.50 per letter. We require that you establish $50 petty cash account with EI .
    • In contrast with many other services available through the Internet EI system is result oriented. You pay only for the results and not for your attempts. It gives you extra incentives to be more active in the process which will invariably bring better and faster results.
    • We have to differentiate between regular text letters and scanned handwritten attachments. It takes a lot of extra time efforts and money to process (scan, save in a graphics format, pass these huge files through a slow e-mail server in Russia) every handwritten page of a letter delivered by your lady to the EI office for forwarding to you.. $2 per extra scanned page of a response letter will be billed to your Petty Cash account
    • Any remaining balance in this account will be returned should you decide not to upgrade. The balance will be carried forward with your membership upgrade.
    • Incoming "unsolicited" letters from the women, who chose you over other clients and decided to contact you first will be scanned and e-mailed to you free of charge
  • The women's addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses (if available) will not be provided during the trial membership period. Therefore, you may not attempt to contact the women in Moscow or Kiev by any means besides our e-mail system.
  • You complete the Encounters International questionnaire. You enter basic information about yourself. Also, you tell us about the woman of your dreams and provide us with the recent photo of yourself. This information will be translated and sent to our Moscow and Kiev offices.


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