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Encounters International welcomes gentlemen, who wish to meet and marry Russian and Ukrainian ladies residing overseas and in the USA. Our reputation for representing only the finest gentlemen is well known in the Russian and Ukrainian singles communities! Most of our clients are American men. However, it is not necessary for you to be an American or to reside in America to become part of Encounters International family of clients. Just as love and respect do not know about borders, Encounters International is truly the company without borders.

First, look over our Success Guarantee. This is perhaps the most unique guarantee in the industry. If you are considering other agencies, be sure to ask about their guarantees and then compare it to Encounters International.

The Encounters International Success Guarantee..

  • We GUARANTEE that you will be engaged to the woman of your dreams within one (1) year of the initial date of your membership contract. If you are not engaged within this period, Encounters International will refund your membership fee.



Here is the process for joining Encounters International.

Take a very deep breath. As an Encounters International client, you are about to embark on a exciting and fulfilling quest. This is going to require a commitment of your time, mind, and heart.

  1. Download, review and print the Membership Agreement, sign it, and return it to Encounters International either by e-mail or by mail. The address is: 4244 Blagden Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20011

  2. Your check or money order for membership in the amount of $1,850, payable to Encounters International. For your convenience and immediate access to the database you can use our secure credit card transaction service. It will allow you to create your own user ID and your password .

  3. Complete Encounters International Member profile in the Members Only area. Enter basic information about yourself. Tell us about the lady of your dreams. Your password protected profile will become available for the Russian ladies-EI members to review.

  4. Upload three or more recent photographs of yourself (including at least one close-up/portrait photograph). Russian ladies locally and overseas are going to form their first impression of you looking at your portfolio.
full membership

Regardless of whether you are a member or not, if you wish to speak to a real person at Encounters International, just give us a call. Natasha Spivack is available to talk about your particular situation or to provide advice with American-Russian relationships and cross-cultural communications. Obviously, time and resources are limited to allow priority service to our existing clients. Natasha can be reached in Washington, DC at 301/530-7759

Still skeptical? Or unconvinced that Encounters International represents your best way to meet and marry the woman of your dreams? Read what our successful engaged and married clients have to say about Encounters International. Become a "Get to Know Us" member and attend one of our Saturday Club parties . Socialize, ask questions and learn from other EI clients during these monthly socials. No matter what your personal situation is, you will find among the diverse family of EI couples somebody, who had experienced the same and will be happy to encourage you in your pursuit of happiness. And always research and compare to feel comfortable about the investment you are making into your future.
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