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This $800. represents the average cost of making initial contacts with Russian women in order to get reasonable results using any of these catalog services. This cost is comprised of:
  1. Average $8. per address The services recommend contacting 30 to 50 ladies "for best results." (We'll assume 40 contacts):
    40 contacts @ $8. each = $320.

  2. Since Russian mail works poorly, they recommend that you send letters as registered mail at $5. each:
    40 letters @ $5. each = $200.

  3. Copies of women's self-description can be purchased at $5. each:
    40 profiles @ $5. each = $200.

  4. Video tapes can be purchased for $35. + $5. shipping and handling:
    2 tapes @ $40. each = $80.

Access to e-mail and a cusom tape of 20 "prospective wife nominations"

  1. Unlimited access to street and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all 450 women enrolled in this service at any given time.
  2. Send letters by fax or e-mail to all chosen women at cost charged by your long distance carrier. All women are guaranteed to receive your faxes or e-mails at no additional cost to you.
  3. Unlimited access to hardcopy of all women's letters and profiles.
  4. Two free custom tapes with video interviews of women of your choice are included in membership.

10 Days
Groups of 40

10 Days
Group accommodations

10 Days
Group accommodations
10 Days:
Air tickets are not included.
$250./day x 10 = $2,500.Plus: Airport transportation: $75. (each way) x 2 = $150.

10 Days
Individually Customized Tour.
Air tickets are not included. Ask about our prices from your particular location and at a particular season you wish to travel and we'll quote the best wholesale prices available. Or use your choice of travel agency.

You Pay $4,395. $3,795. $3,845.00. $2,845. $2,545.00.

Not only is Encounters International the least expensive service...we also provide more services than the other agencies: