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Recently engaged couples: Walt and Svetlana
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September 2009
Joseph and Olga, Moscow


May 2009
Henry and Natalia, Kiev


January 2009
Tomiken and Natalia, Kiev


January 2009
Tomiken and Natalia, Kiev({Part II)


January 2009
Tomiken and Natalia, Kiev (Part III)


October 2008
Ron and Marina, Yaroslavl


May 2007
David and Marina, Moscow


February 2007
James and Nataliya, Kiev

* March 2006
Jim and Elena, Moscow

Louis Torch from Washington, DC
Elena Lisyanskaya from Moscow, Russia


privet, tonight was a special night for us - we went to the opera and i was moved to ask Elena for her hand - it was during intermission on my knee - very romantic i thought - she said maybe - no really she cried during the rest of the performance - i'm not sure from happiness or from fear - really she said yes and also said it was the best day of her life - then i cried - but she didnt see the tear.
anyway - we are happy so far - oops she is crying right now reading this over my shoulder - so happy this woman :o)
thank you
she is very special and I cannot thank you enough for the introduction - almost too perfect for me but I'll get over it :o)

lou, elena (over the shoulder)

Dec. 29, 2005

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