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Testimonials of Encounters International recently engaged couples.
Recently Engaged

September 2009
Joseph and Olga, Moscow


May 2009
Henry and Natalia, Kiev


January 2009
Tomiken and Natalia, Kiev


January 2009
Tomiken and Natalia, Kiev({Part II)


January 2009
Tomiken and Natalia, Kiev (Part III)


October 2008
Ron and Marina, Yaroslavl


May 2007
David and Marina, Moscow


February 2007
James and Nataliya, Kiev

* March 2006
Jim and Elena, Moscow

Ron S. from Spokan, Washington
Marina Lysenko from Yaroslavl, Russia

Ron and Marina. October 2008


I am very glad I found Encounters International. I found their experience very helpful and the encouragement I received made me feel that I could find someone compatible by using their services. I received assistance during my correspondence and in planning my trip. I felt much more confident to have help with everything I did and the help for my trip to meet Marina.

Marina and I met in Yaroslavl, Russia. We spent many happy days together. She showed me her city of Yaroslavl with many trees and beautiful old churches. She went out of her way to see me, even during her long working shift. I have proposed and I am very happy that I met her. I am very happy that we will spend our lives together in love and marriage


Ron and Marina Octorber 2008


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