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New Year's Eve Party in a Private Party Hall

Annapolis, MD

Saturday, December 29, 2007

from 7pm to 12 midnight

Happy  New  Year

I am very happy to announce that another Special Event in the social life of Encounters International family of clients is coming up. It is a big New Year's Eve party! Dave and Luis, our creative Party Planners and Social directors, set their minds to surprise us again! I am sure that those who have been at Dave's Private Beach Party and Luis' Halloween Party remember the special touch that these two EI members added to our monthly socials. Whether it was jet ski rides or twister games, limo rides or costume contest, it always came as a welcome surprise designed to bring Russian and American singles and couples together in a culturally mixed spirit of fun interaction.

No doubt that everybody is looking forward to Dave and Luis' new party project that is due December 29. Those EI members who had never had a chance to attend recent parties, this is your chance to catch up with what you have been missing!. Those non-members who were putting off joining EI for whatever good reason, don't delay! Come aboard and join the fun! This is the New Year's Resolutions season. Aren't we all, single member, have the resolution to get married in 2008? Nobody is getting younger... Give yourself a head start, come to EI New Year's Eve Party and your main New Year's resolution might be resolved sooner than you expect it! After all, Encounters International is a marriage service and the place to be on this special day.


Message from Luis and Dave

Christmas Party update:  Unfortunately, due to maintenance in the building, the location in DC is no longer available.  We have been working diligently in finding another location that is suitable for this year’s Christmas Party and are excited to inform that we succeeded in finding a new and better location in Annapolis, Maryland.  The new location is at the Clubhouse of Stone Point Apartments, 116 Stone Point Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401.

After seeing the new location, I must admit that the cancellation of the DC hall was a blessing in disguise.  Among the added benefits are parking availability, which, quite honestly, was a big concern with the DC location; a bigger hall which will allow us to accommodate 70-75 guests; an extra hour of partying; and an Annapolis location.

The new hall is less than 2 miles away from downtown Annapolis.  Annapolis waterfront restaurants and bars have a charm that is unparalleled in the DC area.  What better way to start your evening than to dine in one of the romantic waterfront restaurants of Annapolis and then further celebrate this Holiday Season at the Encounters Christmas Party a short 2 miles from the restaurant.  How about starting your evening at the Encounters Christmas Party and finish it up with a walk downtown Annapolis for a midnight cup of coffee, drink, or dessert?  The possibilities are unlimited with this new location.  Annapolis also offers many hotels within a couple of miles of the party for those coming from out-of-town or those choosing not to drive back home that evening.

We will have plenty of music, alcohol, and food for the party.  We have planned a couple of surprises for this evening, but you have to attend to see what we have planned for you or just wait for the after-party pictures.  Due to space limitations, reservations will be closed at 80 guests total.  Make your reservations now. 

Don’t take the risk of being left out of what we hope to be our best party of the year!


In the spirit of the occasion this is going to be a semi-formal party. Ladies, do not hesitate to choose the most beautiful dress that you have from all your evening gowns and cocktail dresses for this party. I know that many of you were waiting for the occasion to be dressed up for the EI party.

This party will be more than just an occasion to dress up as we were used to in Russia. In addition, we'll be having "Best Dress" contest with a $150 Ann Taylor gift certificate going to the winner. American men should be up to the challenge and match the beauty of the ladies by wearing suits and ties. The winner in the Best Dress contest will choose a man for a special dance.

All food and drinks will be provided. You will enjoy the variety of snacks, sushi, fruit salads, vegetable platters and desserts, open bar will include beer, wine, vodka, whiskey and gin with mixers. A bartender will be onsite to serve you with a smile

The music will be provided by a disk jockey. Dancing will be a big part of the party.

Raffle tickets will be provided at the entrance.

As you all know, the majority of our parties, including special events are free for all the members. However, to help subsidize the cost of this special holiday season party, gentlemen members will pay a $40 fee and our female members a $15 fee to attend. Married couples will be $50 fee and children under 16 $10. Children over 16 will pay the members fee of $25. Those lady members attending from out-of-town will get free attendance.

RSVP is necessary because the private party hall will be nice and cozy for 80 people only. Please send your reservations early. It will be on "first come first served" basis with some considerations to the balanced ratio of men and women.

See you all at the party!

Natasha Spivack


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