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Greg & Anna Mitchell (married in 1999)
and their son Tommy in February 2004.

We moved to Texas about a year and a half ago, from Kentucky. We are down on the border with Mexico, and close to the beach. So you can always come down here to have a vacation and stay with us when the winter gets nasty up in Maryland.

Tommy Mitchell

But our biggest news is the smallest person. Yes, we had a baby last July! He is Thomas Vladimir Mitchell, born July 23, 2003. He has his mom's beautiful eyes, his grandpa's name for the middle one, and his dad's long legs. He'll probably grow up to be one of the few Russian cowboys in the state of Texas. There is an attached snapshot from when he was still a little guy last summer (he actually was born early, but everything is OK).

We will celebrate our fifth anniversary in a few weeks (2/4/04). We are very thankful to you for getting us together. We hope that you have many more successful years and happy couples!

Best wishes,
Greg, Anya, Lena and Tommy

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