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Ted & Katia Chapin (married in 2001)
with their son Teddy in 2006.

The  Chapins  family

I was looking at the "results" page and out of curiosity I pulled up your 2001 marriage entry (because we were married in 2001) - it was about Dave and Valentina Wood.  I enjoyed reading his eloquent testimonial (I didn't quite believe you either!) and it reminded me (though I never do forget, of course) of how happily Katya and I are married, with our soon to be 4 year old Teddy, and how great is our debt of gratitude to you for bringing us together.

As you know, we live at some distance from the DC area and seldom get in to your events, but this is not a good reason to neglect expressing gratitude for your very significant role of "brokering" this very happy life we now enjoy

So ... Spaciba Balshaya & Thank you, Natasha!! 

Ted, Katya & Teddy Chapin

Teddy Chapin

Teddy is 4 years old in 2006

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