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100 Babies and Counting!
'Family of Clients' Celebrates the Birth of 100th Baby


Brandon Michael King was born on April 21, 2004. His father, Travis King, a marine officer, joined Encounters International back in 1999. A couple of months later he became engaged to and then married to Olessia from Kiev.

After a few years of happy marriage the couple decided to have a baby. Both new mom and dad were excited when they found out that Brandon is a baby number 100 within the Encounters International 'Family of Clients'. At the time of the "Postmark Paradise" screening, Brandon had just turned two months old. Without doubt he became the youngest person in the audience.

Although the film is rated PG-13 (due to the language used by the customers of 'Dirty Shame Bar'), Brandon was allowed to stay. He and his beaming parents were congratulated for his excellent behavior. Olessia and Travis were interviewed by and received special congratulations from the makers of the movie! On behalf of our entire family, I congratulate you guys! After all, it is a great start!

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