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Single Russian Ladies from the USA at Encounters International Socials

Single Russian Ladies from the USA at Encounters International Socials

It's hard for us to believe, but this month Encounters International begins its 8th year of matching people from different cultures! This is also the 3rd year of our exclusive ‘Saturday Club’ socials; the newest local offspring of our international marriage service. Looking back, I find it interesting to recall the origin of these socials. Our ‘Saturday Club’ came about as a response to a desire repeatedly expressed by single Russian women residing in the USA. They had heard about our male clients having a high level of commitment to the process. The Russian woman wanted the chance to meet these quality men face-to-face!

Many prospective and new clients ask me how these single Russian women ended up here in the USA. Everyone has a story with a  different twist. In many cases, these are women, who have business or student visas. Obviously, they are either working or attending school. Unfortunately for some other local Russian ladies, they are from a failed marriage to a Russian or American Husband.  A small group are women who immigrated from Russia (often because they won green cards in lottery).

For many years ‘word of mouth’ and recommendations from happy Encounters International couples has been helping these women locate me. Many of the Russian women in America are now happily married. Some are dating  our clients exclusively, but no announcements yet.  Others are attending our ‘Saturday Club’ socials and are still looking!

For prospective male clients, the possibility of finding a Russian wife without going to Russia is attractive. Some single Americans join Encounters International with this idea in mind; not wishing to write letters. This aspect has prompted me to start advertising our ‘Saturday Club’ socials in Russian language newspapers.  I have personally selected newspapers and magazines that are popular among the Russian communities in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and New York, NY areas.

I anticipate a lot of work  interviewing the ladies in order to select only those who meet our membership acceptance criteria. I just hope that we will not run into the problem of having Russian ladies outnumber the male clients attending the ‘Saturday Club’ socials! We do not plan to change the current policy of having an open invitation to regular and Get To Know Us  clients only.


End of the Summer Swimming Pool Party

Swim under the stars

Our pool party last year was a big hit! It was the favorite and most attended event of the year. Even those who missed it, as well as those who were not clients at that time inquired about the party more than once. One reason that the event became memorable was because we had special arrangements with the pool’s owner (also our client). He allowed us to stay as long as we wished after the official closing time.

"Oh, it is so romantic to swim under the stars!" "This is the first time in my life!" "Can we stay longer?" were some of the comments from our Russian ladies during the party.

We decided to make the same arrangements this year. This month’s ‘Saturday Club’ swimming pool party will start on August 26 at 5:30 p.m. The pool is located in Rockville, MD, only 15 minutes drive from EI office. It is free for EI clients. You can go directly there or you can come to the office in Bethesda and we will carpool or caravan. Please call or e-mail for directions to the swimming pool. Our “Get to Know Us” members will receive the directions together with the invitation in their welcoming package.

Last year, grilled meats and salads were very much appreciated. In the middle of the party we had to send volunteers to the closest grocery store for more meat and drink supplies. We will have a grill available this time too, so please bring your favorite stuff to grill. I am looking forward to enjoying this party together with you.

  Natasha Spivack

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