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Encounters International Saturday Club Social First Anniversary

First Anniversary of EI Saturday Club (September 25, 1999)

Encounters International has just celebrated its sixth anniversary. The Saturday Club Swimming Pool party was a lot of fun especially after 8 PM when the official employees of the pool left for the day. From that time on we were able to fully appreciate one of the great American concepts which are so dear to a Russian heart: "All-you-can-eat, All-you-can-drink plus All-you-can-swim". Warm water and stars added romantic flavor to the joyful atmosphere of the party. Naturally, nobody wanted to leave and the party eventually split into groups and moved to the dancing floor of a close-by restaurant and homes of the participants.

Of course, there are more single Russian women in Russia than there are in America. But the existence of EI Saturday Club and its success in bringing Russian women and American men together has become a major advertisement attracting more women living in the United States to join EI. Saturday Club socials started almost one year ago. There have been five marriages and one engagement by now as a direct or indirect result of its activities. We congratulate all of Encounters International clients who met and married Russian women in the USA and invite them personally to a special Saturday Club First Anniversary party September 25, 1999 from 4 to .... PM

How do we screen the women?

Many of EI prospective clients thoroughly research numerous internet web sites, save the pictures of dozens and dozens of beautiful women, even get some responses to some of their letters just to discover after x number of months that this or that girl is too immature... too high maintenance... too dishonest... Often they call me to ask how we screen the women to avoid the situations they happened to be in previously.

Screening per se is a one time interview at best. Of course it is not enough. What really differentiates Encounters International from the rest of the services is that we are interacting with the women, their families and their friends on a regular basis. Family members (mother, sisters) are a great source of information about a particular woman's character and expectations. It is very important to communicate with office managers about women from EI database whom you are interested in and want to contact or whom you have already established communication with. Some examples of EI Moscow office manager's comments in response to such inquiries:

... Elena *** probably looks inexperienced and naive but believe me, women in Russia have to become adults much sooner than those in America. Life here is hard and young persons have to be mature enough to take the responsibility and to make correct decisions. She is sure she can make a good wife and I have no reason to disbelieve her. She is very sincere and kind girl.

...It is hard to deal with Olga *** . I don't know, maybe her mother is insane, but she does not let the girl go out without herself following her. She tried to explain that by saying that it is dangerous to let so beautiful a girl go somewhere alone because she is attacked by men; she cannot trust even the taxi drivers...

...In my opinion Olga*** is rather serious for her age and she knows what she wants.Yet she is active and fun, as it should be at her age. I think she can really make a good wife (not a daughter) for a man who is older than her. I talked with her and made sure that she can take a responsibility for the family as a wife and mother on herself.

...Concerning the choice that you are to make I can only say that I believe in your good judgement and I will support any of the two ladies. I used to work for the European Connection as a hostess-interpreter before I gained enough experience to conduct my present work with EI. And I know that the girls coming to the socials from the small places like Desnogorsk are not as choosy as the Muscovites are. In general they are more interested in just going to the prosperous America from their awfully uncomfortable villages than in anything else. Olga has a relatively good income here and can afford a really nice life-style by the Russian standards. So it is not a material need that makes her look for the husband through our service. She is looking for the right person rather than for some generally better life. I enjoy seeing her shining eyes every time she comes to take your letter.

It is hard to not appreciate information like this if your intention is to find a mate on the other continent in order to share the rest of your life with. It is very important to put all odds in your favor.


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