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EI accepts credit cards now. (April, 1999)

Encounters International is happy to announce that finally the option of paying by a credit card became available for EI clients and those who are interested in becoming EI regular or trial members. EI uses iTransact secure server to process credit card and check transactions. Whether you choose to become a trial or a regular member you are able to create your own password on line and have an instant access to the database. After you make your selection and before you order the video tape I encourage you to call me at 301-530-7759 and discuss your selection. You will get some insights which will make you either change your mind about a particular woman or will reinforce your opinion about her. And please fill out your profile before calling. That will help me to know you and your expectations better in order to be able to recommend who would be a better match for you

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Encounters International 200th engaged... no, already married couple

Greg Mitchell's first contact with Encounters International was through the EICX - Encounters International bulletin board in November, 1998, where he described himself on EI Client Exchange as potentially tough customer?. Like the rest of the participants on the board I read his post. Then I smiled and thought: "If he believes that custody of two children and residency in Kentucky makes him a tough customer than he has no idea what tough customers really are". It is not about what you have or don't have, where you live or do not live, it is about how you think and how you act.

One month later Greg decided to make a special trip to DC to visit EI. With amazing determination he wrote: "I still plan on visiting your offices next week, on December 28-30. I am driving over there, so the only thing that can interfere with my plans would be a blizzard! I will bring all the membership materials with me."

After the initial "questions and answers" session was over and Greg as an EI member was immersed into the video viewing, the telephone rang. It was Anna. A 29 years old medical doctor with a little daughter she came to California with hopes to get happily married but... She sounded very sincere and impressed me as a real sweetheart when I first talked to her on the phone deciding to accept her to EI or not. The fact of the matter was that the photos which she provided were not of professional quality and I was afraid that she would not be able to "compete" with sexy looks of many other women couched by professional photographers.

While viewing the videos of the women Greg had a chance to talk on the phone from my office with two of them - Anna Eremenko from California and Valentina Stepanova from Colorado. Both spoke good English, both impressed Greg as bright and interesting women. Both wanted him to call again when he returns home to Kentucky. Greg was a little overwhelmed and looked at me for advise... A couple of months later he wrote:

Anna and I are very happy! I am glad I listened to your advice about who would be a good match for me. She is a sweet person, very intelligent, and affectionate. She is the most interesting person I ever met. It is so easy to fall in love with Anna, and I am a lucky guy!

Already I appreciate how nice it is to have a regular wife again. For many years, I was on my own, raising two sons almost by myself. Even when I was still married, my first wife was gone 90% of the time. Now I have someone who not only loves me, she loves my boys. Now I not only have a wife, I have someone who is actually there for me, and I am there for her in any way that I can be. I also have a very cute little stepdaughter, and our house if full of kids and pets and warmth. Life is so much better when you have someone who cares, does things with you, and even does things for you.

I hope to bring Anna out to visit at on Open House this spring, once my mother's illness is stabilized (news there does not look good right now). Meanwhile, we will send you some more photos and a letter in the regular mail. Good luck to you, Inna, and the other guys who were so helpful to me!

When in January I announced the date for the EI annual Open House (less than one month after Greg joined EI), I named four EI members visiting Moscow and Kiev at that time as potential candidates for 200th engaged couple celebration. I did not think of Greg and Anna in those terms then. Yet they surprised me when they called with the news of getting married February 3, 1999. Greg and Anna Mitchell became EI 200th couple. For family illness reason they couldn't come to the Open House to accept our congratulations in person but we are looking forward to seeing them soon.

I would like to finish this little story with Anna's words which would make many men want to be in Greg's place and make me smile as I write this: "I am so lucky!!! I love everything in my life -- I love Greg, I love the place, where we live, I love his children and I even love his ex-wife... "

So much to the image of oneself as a tough customer... It is not about what we have or what we don't have, where we live or we do not live, it is about how we think and how we act. "With a little bit... with a little bit... with a little bit of help.." of course :))

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