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Encounters International Communication Management System

Encounters International Communication Management System

EI clients and those who were interested enough to bookmark this page are used to the fact that Encounters International has consistently proven to be a valuable resource in promoting Russian women/Western men relationships. It has always been on the cutting edge of new trends introducing new ideas no other service can match. Whether it is on-line video interviews or Saturday Club meeting place, whether it is EICX bulletin board or annual Open House events -- all of them serve one goal to maximize chances for success in meeting and marrying the woman of your dreams and to sustain this success and happy relationships for years to come.

With this goal in mind Encounters International opens its new Members only site which is our state of the art communication management system. It consists of the following areas:

Search profiles
Allows you to enter detailed search criteria to help you locate that special woman. Sending email messages is the quickest, easiest and most reliable form of communicating with our women clients. We've added a new email feature, accessible while viewing a woman's detailed profile, to allow you to email her directly from the web site (not available from public view). By using this email capability you will take advantage of our seven day response guarantee. The new letter "aging" report feature will allow EI offices to keep better track of all incoming letters and make sure that they are responded within the specified time frame. Another valuable feature of this area is the capability to allow matched women to accept e-mail correspondence from only one man. That will protect the interests of the couple who are in exclusive correspondence and will save other clients time and aggravation.
View favorites
Favorites, we all have them, and now you can keep track of yours. This area allows you to view those women whom you have selected as your 'favorites' or have established on going correspondence. This will allow you quick and easy access their profiles without having to search the entire database. You can select and delete a woman from your favorites list while viewing her detailed profile. You may select up to 12 woman.
Your profile
This area allows you to update your personal EI account information. Currently this only includes your personal password and email address. However, in the future, when the password protected on line database of EI men clients is ready for the remote offices to use, additional features will be added to allow you to further personalize the EI Members Only Area to your personal preferences or to change your profile on line.
Your account
This area allows you to view your EI petty cash account activity. A new feature allows to e-mail you the warning when your account is low or reaches $0.00. As you know, your outgoing letters are free of charge. When incoming letters are sent to you directly from the remote offices your account will be debited as before (see EI e-mail service). In the nearest future you will be able to add to your petty cash account balance using secure credit card transactions.
Gift shop
This area is currently under construction. When opened, this area will allow you to purchase small gifts and flowers which EI staff will deliver directly to the woman of your choice. Watch for this new feature, an EI exclusive, to open soon!
E-mail EI offices
If you have any questions about the woman with whom you correspond, wish additional information or just the second person's opinion about her, you can send your questions directly to EI Moscow or Kiev office managers using this feature. One can not underestimate the invaluable information you will receive. All too often office managers become close friends with some women or mother type guides to others. At the same time both of them are highly educated and professional women who can interpret and pass the information received on the high level of psychological and cultural awareness.
Trip reservation
This area is still under construction now. When ready it will allow you to plan your trip and make apartment reservations in on-line.
While testing the beta version of the site we received valuable comments from some of the clients. I am sure there will be more technical questions, comments and praises. This area is designed to voice them.

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