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Encounters International E-mail System

E-mail service is available now in EI Moscow and Kiev offices


Encounters International has established e-mail service both in Moscow and Kiev offices. Both offices are equipped with computers and scanners to enable the office managers to scan hand written response letters from the women and e-mail them as attachments.

We are very excited about the many advantages e-mail service provides in contrast with fax-based-only correspondence. Although we expect that most of the letters will be e-mailed to and from EI overseas offices, fax machines will still remain the tried and true means of communication for those clients who do not have access to e-mail or whose computers are temporarily broken or for any other reason. The current faxing policies will remain the same as they are now should you choose to fax your letters.

The current EI policies for e-mail service users are:

Outgoing letters

  • Outgoing letters should be sent via EI on-line database.
    • Make sure that you filled out "Your profile" with your current e-mail address (third button in the member-only area) Use search engine of the database to locate a woman whom you want to contact.
    • Click on the name or the thumb-nail picture of that woman to open her detailed profile.
    • Press "Send e-mail" button to open the screen formatted for writing and forwarding your letter directly to the overseas office which your chosen lady belongs to.
    • She will be notified about your letter within 24 hours.
  • Outgoing letters are FREE of charge.
  • There is no limit to the number of the letters sent per day, week or month.
  • There is no limit to the number of EI or non-EI women you want to contact.
    • If you are an EI client and you are already corresponding with a Russian woman who is not in EI, Moscow or Kiev offices will forward your e-mailed letters to her at no extra charge.
  • Outgoing letters should be sent as text, not as an attachment.
  • In special cases when scanned attachments have to be sent to a particular lady, you can e-mail them to Encounters International US office at natasha@encount.com for manual forwarding to Moscow or Kiev offices.

Incoming letters

  • Incoming letters are e-mailed to EI US office and then forwarded to corresponding clients manually. (We expect the e-mail rerouting program to be developed shortly and the process will be automated).
    • Your petty cash account is debited $3.50 per every incoming response letter.
      • In contrast with many other services available through the Internet EI system is result oriented. You pay only for the results and not for your attempts. It gives you extra incentives to be more active in the process which will invariably bring better and faster results.
    • We have to differentiate between regular text letters and scanned attachments. It takes a lot of extra time efforts and money to process (scan, save in a graphics format, pass these huge files through a slow e-mail server in Russia) every handwritten page of a letter delivered by your lady to the EI office for forwarding to you.. $2 per extra scanned page of a response letter will be billed to your Petty Cash account.
    • Please make sure that you always have enough money on your EI petty cash account to cover the cost of response letters sent to you, otherwise we will have to ask women to pay for their letters . This may cause some delay in their responses since not all of them can afford to pay.
    • If your chosen lady has an e-mail address, we encourage you to send your messages directly to her. She is encouraged to do the same.
      • Unfortunately, this way of communication still remains very unreliable since e-mail accounts may be too expensive for many women to keep and they are known for being canceled often.
  • Incoming "unsolicited" letters from the women who chose to contact you first will be scanned and e-mailed to you free of charge

Now that e-mail service is established Encounters International is ready to start a new project. We are planning to install digital video cameras in both offices to enable our clients to schedule on line video interviews with the chosen women . We welcome any comments and suggestions from you.


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