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BBQ Social Get Together

Saturday, April 30, 2016
From 6:30 PM to 10:30PM
4244 Blagden Ave. NW Washington, DC 20011

After party Optional
Russian Orthodox Easter Service at St. Nicholas Cathedral
From 11:30 to 3 AM (or until you drop)
3500 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007



Our April Saturday Social is very special. It is going to be  on the eve of  the Russian Orthodox Easter. Russian Easter is usually celebrated later than in the West. This happens because Easter dates are determined by different calendars.

Our spring BBQ parties are very popular in our community. After a long winter this is the first  party held outside, where  the smell of the roses mixes up with the smell of the smoke from the meat on the grill…. But that is not all.  At the end of the BBQ social you are invited to participate in Russian Orthodox Easter service. We are located about 10 min drive to St. Nicholas Cathedral, one of the largest Russian churches in DC. It gathers a huge crowd of Russians at midnight, when the candlelight procession starts.

Here is a short description of what to expect;

Easter ( Paskha) is the major religious celebration of the year for Russians. It is even more important than Christmas. It is a lot more than a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter cleanses our souls and thoughts. It brings peace, joy and hope and, of course, Love.

We celebrate Easter in a special way. Already on a Saturday night people put on their best clothes and come together in dark churches that symbolize a gloomy world without the light of faith. At midnight ringing church bells announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Solemnly singing, priests walk through the church and then around it. Everyone lights the candles and follow the procession. The priest says, “Khristos voskres!" "Christ is risen!" The congregation replies with, "Voistinu voskres" "He is truly risen!" followed by hugging and triple kissing. Churches and cathedrals are now full of singing voices and candle lights. All this creates a very special atmosphere. The Mass goes on till dawn.

As there are no bench rows in orthodox churches, some people find it difficult to stand the whole mass that goes on for hours. But the impressive ceremony is worth every effort. The Easter service ends early in the morning when the priests go around the crucifix and then hand out blessed colored eggs. The congregation is rewarded with a feast of traditional Russian food and blessed wine in the church’s cafeteria after the mass is over.  

Weather you decide to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Russian Orthodox Easter service with the rest of the Russian community or not, you are invited to enjoy the BBQ party on the porch.

Please bring your preferred food for the grill. Soft drinks are preferred this time, albeit for those who will not go to the service, wine is a good choice as always.

I am looking forward to seeing you Saturday, April 30! It will be a fun, spiritual and educational party for many.

Вечер встреч с шашлыками     В субботу, 30 апреля 2016  с 18:30 до 22:30  4244 Blagden Ave. NW Washington, DC 20011    Затем по желанию:  Пасхальная служба в Соборе св. Николая  С 23:30 до примерно  3 утра  По адресу  3500 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

Наш апрельский вечер встреч будет не совсем обычнымю Он совпадает с празднованием русской Пасхи.

Весенние вечера встреч с шашлыками обычно очень популярны, ведь наконец-то после долгой зимы можно провести время на свежем воздухе, где запах цветов смешивается с запахом жарящегося на грилле мяса.  В конце  вечера встреч – не расходитесь, поскольку мы приглашаем всех на Крестный ход в соборе Святого Николая, который находится в 10 минутах езды от нашего дома и является самым величественным собором в районе Вашингтона. На крестный ход в полночь там собирается почти вся русская община Вашингтона и соседних штатов. Ведь Пасха –  это не только церковный праздник воскресения Христа, это время очищения нашей души и ума, время, которое несет с собой мир, радость и надежду, ну и конечно же -- любовь. 

Независимо от того, решите ли вы пойти на Пасху или нет, приходите просто на вечер встреч! Приносите с собой свои любимые продукты для гриля. Также на сей раз предпочтительнее безалкогольные напитки, но те, кто не планирует идти на службу могут не воздерживаться

Буду рада у видеть вас всех  в субботу, 30 го апреля на нашем вечере встреч!












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