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International Barbecue Party

and Belly Dance Party in Bethesda

July 25, 2009 Slide Show
A Message from the Host

Dear Encounters International Community,

I would like to extend a warm Thank You to the EI members who were able to attend this past Saturday's International Backyard BBQ & Belly Dance Performance, hosted at my Bethesda, MD home. Despite the unavoidable rainfall, we sure kept the party lively and adventurous throughout the night with belly dancing, stellar music, savory dishes from our chef, and flavorful mixers and drinks by cute bartender Jessica! And to top it off all the pretty Russian ladies showed incredible and impressive dance moves in tempo with upbeat music. Especially the belly dance by the young girl Sasha, was unbelievably joyful to watch!

Everyone's effortless cooperation in relocating the party temporarily indoors was greatly appreciated, and my apologies for being unable - due to the weather - to provide guests with Hookah, as planned. For those I was unable to meet and greet before the end of the evening, we shall hopefully meet again at an upcoming Encounters International event, as I've gladly offered my Social Event Planning services voluntarily to Attars and the Encounters International Team. Again, Na zdorovia! to a great party, and to all of you who helped make our Saturday night a memorable one!

If anyone has comments to share with me, please do not hesitate to send me email at: jss@ibzd.com, or text me on my cell: 301-272-4260, so that I can keep your feedback in mind for the next party.

I can only add that we are happy to put Joseph's enthusiasm, organizational skills, his high energy and love to party to benefit EI community as a new Social Director. Belly Dance Party was perfect! See the link to more pictures below as a response to the requests from many of you, who would like to stop the slide show and download their favorite pictures:


We are looking forward to more social events at the same high fun level.

Ken&SvetaCONGRATULATIONS to Ken and Svetlana on their engagement!!! We often hear the stories of "the most challenging clients". This couple definitely won the title of the"least challenging clients". Both remained as available single clients for 20 minutes only before I introduced them to each other at our Christmas Party December 27, 2008, that happened to be their very first social as they joined EI a few days before it. Svetana came from St.Petersburg to Washington DC as a Green Card holder, as her mom lives here. Ken, a Marylend business owner, joined EI because he wanted to meet Russian women. Ever since they were introduced at the party they became inseparable. Now, seven months later a happy bride demonstrats her engagement ring and a radiant smile. Congratulations again and as we, Russians, say: "Be healthy and live wealthy!!!"

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