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Socialize with single Russian women in Washington, DC area. Halloween Party 2006 Slide Show. .

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Slide Show from February '08 Saturday Social

at the Marrakech Restaurant


It was an enjoyable experience for everybody who came to the social at the Marrakech Restaurant. Especially when cameras started flashing and the lights went off while the Middle Eastern music was turned up and a beautiful belly dancer came to the room dancing and setting the exotic aura around the tables.

It was a welcome change in the theme and the format of our socials. Thank you Nabil for arranging it for us. Thank you everybody for making the evening even more enjoyable in a company of friends.

And thank you Neal for providing more photos at http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AcOW7dmzYuGLCMA&emid=sha

Enjoy the slide show.

'Free' phone calls from your ladies in Moscow and other places in Russia.

Everybody who traveled to Moscow or any other city in Russia or Ukraine knows how expensive it can be to make a simple call to the USA. No wonder that you do not expect your fiancees or your girl-friends there to call you even if you want her to. This may change now when you open an account in Telenet via EI authorized agent.

If you have an account with Telenet, all your lady in Moscow (or other places in Russia) should do is:

1 - Dial one of the LOCAL Moscow access numbers :  974-1919 or 940-7940  from any phone (land line, mobile, pay phone)

2 - AT THE TONE (regular "beeps", approx. 5 sec.) or during a VOICE PROMPT, quickly hit "*" key (asterisk/star) and enter your Telenet TEN-digit PIN +00 (two zeroes) + # (pound key)


USA and Canada's country code is 1.

You can call any other country from Russia, using exact same above mentioned method with corresponding country codes as if you would call from the USA.

For your lady it will be a free call while your account will be debited at an extremely reasonable rate of 10c per min. Also, you can use your account PIN as a calling card to call Russia or Ukraine. The rates are 2c. and 10c correspondingly.

For more information please check http://mktc.com. Please note though, that all discounted plans that I mentioned above are available through authorized agents only. You will not find them on Telenet public web site. Please call me at 301-530-7759 and I will set up your account for you. After that you will be able to manage it online by yourself .

An added value for this plan is that you can see and print out the entire record of your telephone communications with your ladies. You probably know, that the American Embassy in Russia and Ukraine requires producing the proof of communication between the parties during the interview in the Embassy and before it issues a fiancee visa for your lady. Moreover often the Embassy officials put your lady's fiancee visa on hold after the interview until such time that you produce these records.

When faced with such requests many clients become very upset, because calling card dealers often claim that they do not have any records. With your Telenet account you do not have to worry about this last minute trap and it will spare you unnecessary aggravation.


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