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Socialize with Russian women in DC area. Spring Party Party Slide Show March 25, 2006 in Alexandria, VA

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Ragtime PosterSaturday Club Social at Riverside Dinner Theater


Saturday, April 29, 2006

6 - 11:30 PM

95 Riverside Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22406


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to a special evening of music and entertainment at Riverside Dinner Theater.

I think that the best part of belonging to Encounters International family of clients is that you will never be bored. We are such diverse crowd, that there are always fun ideas and surprise offers for things to do at our regular monthly get together parties.

This time a generous offer came from Rollin Wehman, the owner and the director of Riverside Dinner Theater. He offered to treat all his fellow EI members and Get to Know Us members to a great dinner and a famous Ragtime musical in his Dinner Theater.

"Ragtime is a Broadway musical based on the 1975 novel Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow. The action takes place in and around New York City in the 1910s, where it "intertwines three distinct stories that poignantly illustrate history’s timeless contradictions of wealth and poverty, freedom and prejudice, hope and despair, and love and hate." " Doctorow himself, as you may guess from his last name, was raised by second-generation parents of Russian Jewish descent in Bronx, New York.

"The show is mostly sung-through, with most of the story told through song, with very little spoken dialogue. Despite its limited run of Broadway, Ragtime is considered by many musical theater aficionados to be one of the greatest American musicals ever written." ( Wikipedia )

Best of all is that Saturday 29th performance is next to the last show of this season in the Riverside Dinner Theater. Traditionally the closing show is the most popular and best attended by theater goers. It is a sort of 'grand finale' of the season. Actors are expected to come out of the stage and mingle with the audience. So, we are up for a really great treat!

Adding icing to the cake Rollin told me that both the dinner and the show are free for EI party! All you need to do is to RSVP in advance and show up for a great evening.

The program of the evening includes:

6:00 - 6:30 - pre-dinner cash cocktail bar and socializing

6:30 - 7:15 - Dinner (see menu)

8:00 - 11:00 Ragtime musical performance

11:00 - Theater will be open for EI members to socialize/

I am sure that everybody, but especially Russian ladies will enjoy the experience. When I heard the name of the musical first, I had no clue what the word 'ragtime' means. The dictionary gave me a dozen of different meanings. After conducting some research on the Internet I became more and more interested in the subject. Now I am really looking forward to this new exposure to American music, culture and history.

Last year in July Encounters International clients were invited to the Russian Cultural Center for a Appreciation Day party. It seems to me that the evening in Riverside Dinner Theater will become another Appreciation Day party, appreciation of American culture, music and history.

Note: Reservation from EI clients and Get to Know Us members will be accepted until April 25. If you are not on Encounters' RSVP list it might be impossible to find a sit for you, since the theater is expected to be packed that night. Also, if you did not RSVP, you will be expected to pay for your tickets ($51.00) at the door. You can still join us for the after-performance social though.

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