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Russian-American Human Relationship Appreciation Day

Reception for EI members in Russian Cultural Center
July 30, 2005, Washington, DC

Slide Show

Our latest Saturday Club Social was a reception at the Russian Cultural Center (RCC) where in Washington, DC. This was indeed a unique and memorable event. At the risk of sounding cliché, it was an once-in-a-lifetime cultural exchange opportunity.

To me, and other native Russians, it was as though we were visiting Russia. Everything was a reminder of our homeland. The golden and walnut interior reminded us of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The portrait of Czar Aleksey and the icons in ‘Red Corner’ were reminders of our rich Russian past.

Of course, there was traditional Russian food, like caviar, smoked salmon and pelmeni. The environment was topped off by a Russian pianist who performed popular Russian ‘oldies’ from the 1970s to 1990s. Although the pianist was Russian, his cultural level and poise interested a few of the Russian ladies. That’s proof that there are exceptions to every stereotype; even with Russian men.

Encounters International member, Robert H., sponsored and organized this RCC event. He worked many hours preparing this even for us. Fortunately, he has many ties with the Russian community and strong ties in the Russian business community as well. We are so fortunate to have Robert as a friend, client, and host.

During the reception, the RCC Director, along with Robert, presented a series of pictures by Beslan children. The artwork was auctioned to help raise money for the children.

Robert provided a brief history of the Hope Diamond and it’s possession by the McLean family. The McLean family was also the original owner of the RCC mansion.

All bidders and donors were entered into a drawing for a replica of the famous Hope Diamond. Our beautiful hostess, Inna Sorokina, chose the winner. Jason from Philadelphia was the winner in the drawing. Ladies, Jason is still available and now has a replica of the Hope Diamond!

One of the pictures was won by Mark and Tatiana Sininsgalli. The drawing lovingly depicts a young couple along with their baby. It was no surprise that Mark and Tatiana chose this picture because their baby is the apple of their eye. In 1998, the Sininsgalli family was chosen as Encounters International’s Most Romantic Couple. They still are!

This reception was so unique and special that no one wanted to leave the RCC. Close to midnight, we still had a crowd. That is a good indication of the caliber of the event and quality of the people attending. Clearly, everyone had a wonderful time.

I hope you enjoy the event slide show. Our Russian ladies were incredibly beautiful this evening. In addition to the slide show, Inna and I have printed the photos and sent to those in attendance. Keep your eyes open for a special this special ‘thank you’ in your postal mailbox.

Once again, thank you Robert for making this event possible!


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