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Memorial Weekend Swimming Pool Party

at Woodly Gardens Swimming Center in Rockville, MD

Saturday, May 28, 2004 from 5 to 9:30 PM

Woodly Gardens Swimming Center is located
850 Nelson Street, Rockville, MD

Encounters International family of clients are invited to enjoy Memorial weekend Saturday Club party in Woodley Gardens Swimming Center in Rockville.

Wow, it's been almost a year since I took the pictures that you see here. EI Swimming pool parties have become a great tradition for many years. Like no other social they attract the largest number of singles and EI families alike. Traditionally swimming pool parties are responsible for the largest number of matches .

This year our party coincides with the first day of the official swimming pool opening. I told the pool management to expect an increase in their regular membership after they see the beauty of EI Russian ladies at the party (just kidding!)

As usual, we are going to grill and eat all evening long! Start dieting now, you are going to get a lot of extra calories that you won't be able to resist at this party!

EI members are welcome!

Children are welcome!

Get to Know Us members are welcome!

Let's have fun during this special time of the year, Memorial weekend!

John Bell, the pool owner and a long time member of Encounters International is hosting this party. Four years ago he had been matched and married Tatiana from Kiev. Next month the couple will celebrate their fourth anniversary.


Slide Show of April Springtime and Russian Easter party

April party started with change of plans. Heavy rain that began before the party never stopped and barbecue part of the social had to be canceled. May be that or may be the rain outside that brought people closer, but the party turned out to be exceptionally nice. Everybody was happy.

It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces that we don't see very often because of the distance. Yana Solilova came from Indianapolis to join us at this party. One Get to know Us member from Ohio came to "check us out". I know that he was not disappointed in his expectations. In short, it is nice to see that Encounters International lives up to its name in many more aspects, than it was designed originally 12 years ago.

On behalf of everybody who attended EI social in April I want to thank our host Alberto for hosting the party and making us feel at home.

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