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What's New at Encounters International in 2004
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January 31, 2004 Opening of the Year Party

Our Opening of the Year party January 31, 2004 hosted by Charlie Lowrie (see slide show above) became a very special party for me. Although a few of my friends knew that the party coincided with my birthday, I did not expect at all that this social will turn into almost a surprise birthday party. I was really touched with all the good wishes, birthday cake and the festive spirit that you all added to this social. I want to thank my dear family of clients for that.

Also, this party was special for Bill Lawson and his wife Luba. Bill earned a title of Spokesman for Encounters International because of his extensive EI experience. He is in EI book of records for the number of trips that he made to Russia and Ukraine within just a couple of years. If I am not mistaken, he traveled to Moscow 15 times. He is a believer that good things come to those who can wait. Luba was worth waiting for. Although I've seen Luba several times when in Moscow, I could hardly recognize her at the party -- so beautiful and happy she looked (she is in blue on the slide show). The couple was toasted with traditional campaign and 'Gor'ko' chant that tries the couples for the longest kiss.

Interestingly, that I overheard what can be considered the best testimonial for the sincerely of any lady's intentions of coming to America was the confession Luba made to a few Russian girls. The conversation was about their likes and dislikes of life in America, when Luba confessed that after the first month of her life here she did not like anything except for her husband. Bill, I am sure that you will keep Luba happy in the future too, but please, show her good time in America, so that by the next social she we'll have something good to say about it.

The party was special also because it had a musical theme. Charlie played guitar, Tatiana played piano, John sang and whistled. Everybody had a good time. Thank you, Charlie, for being a great host and entertainer.

Oh, and one more thing. Ladies, the food you prepared for the party was fabulous. Good job!

EI February social is hosted by Garbis Iradian.

Please join us for our Saturday club Get Together February 28, 2004 at 6 PM

Address: King's Farm, Northern Part of Rockville, south of Shady Grove

306 Robena Way
Rockville MD 20850
Telephone: (301) 926-9854

A. From 270 North (coming from the Beltway)
Take exit 8 (to Shady Grove). Before reaching Shady Grove Road take Redland Road on your right, which will take you to King's Farm Community.
Continue on Redland for about one mile, pass Safeway, then take right on Grand Champion Blvd, go straight till you hit Watkins Pond Blvd and then turn left, and after 50 meters left again on Robena Way (306 Robena Way).

B. Coming from Rockville Pike or 355: go north on 355, pass Montgomery College, turn left on Watkins Pond Blvd (close to Toyota car dealer). After two blocks turn right on Robena Way. Watkins Pond Blvd is south of Redland and Shady Grove.

Although the party will be two weeks after the Valentine's Day, we'll try to preserve the spirit of Love at this end of the month party.

I hope that all the proposals that you plan to make on the Valentine's Day will be repeated and relived at our February Saturday Club social. In the past years EI February parties drew the largest crowd of people. So, be ready for a day of fun.

All members and Get to Know Us members are welcome!

I am looking forward to seeing you all..

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