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New Men's Database Announcement
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Saturday Club social on January 25.

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I would like to remind all men clients to fill out their profiles for our new password protected online database of EI gentlemen. The ladies can not see your photographs until you make the text entry by filling out your profile form in the Members Only area


"A Level Playing Field"
Announcing A New Database

For years now, Encounters International has provided a comprehensive, on-line database for men to research our available ladies. In fact, it is difficult for me to remember the days before the database was available! Now, we have developed a new database for the ladies to see the male clients at Encounters International.

First, I want to stress that privacy was our first consideration with the new feature. We do not want ANY client's (male or female) personal information splashed on the Internet. Further, only ladies who meet Encounters International's membership requirements will have access to the password protected database. Thus, male clients can rest assured that e-mail originated by one of the ladies is from someone we have interviewed and accepted.

The current situation is that ladies who do not live in the metro DC area do not have access to our male clients albums. These profiles and albums are in the overseas agency offices and here in Bethesda, MD. Since overseas ladies must visit the office to correspond with our male clients, they have an opportunity to see them.

However, ladies living inside the USA have been at a disadvantage. These ladies do not always know about or have an opportunity to see who has contacted them. With the addition of this new database, these ladies will now have an opportunity to initiate correspondence with the male clients that interest them!

I think this new feature will encourage more ladies inside the USA to join Encounters International, since they can now see male clients database and participate in to the selection process. Also it will help me to do my job of matching people better because I will be getting more feedback from the ladies. Our strict membership requirements will NOT change. Only the service to available ladies is enhanced.

As always, our male clients will have full control of their profile content. The quality of the photo images is also in the hands of the clients. I am asking all our active, male clients to complete the "My Profile" form in the Members Only area. Also, you can e-mail updated photos to me directly at natasha@encount.com

I can tell you that this new feature has generated a lot of excitement. The ladies outside the metro DC area are very eager to see our male clients. Likewise, they are ready to begin correspondence!

Ladies, if you will have not received your password to EI male clients database by the end of this month, please contact me and let me know.

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