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April's Saturday Club Social

Ken Myers' Officially Warmed House

Last month, we helped our "Social Director" warm his new home. Ken was a wonderful and gracious host, as always! It was an honor for the Encounters International "Family of Clients" to be invited and included in such a personally meaningful event. Thank you Ken for another great event! I am sure our "Social Director" has already began thinking about another event in his lovely home.

Every Saturday Club Social has unexpected announcements. That is what we have come to expect! April was no exception to the expect the unexpected rule.

First, Steve and Mila Myers announced that it was their 4th wedding anniversary date. Has it been four years already? It was indeed a pleasure that this loving couple chose to come and celebrate with us. This is an example of what I mean when I mention the "Family of Clients."

Steve, like Ken and others, does a lot of behind the scenes support of the Encounters International programs. Steve is the "Sultan of Statistics." For the past five years, Steve has been monitoring the online database and posting changes to the Encounters International Client eXchange or EICX

At the end of 2002, Steve posted this message:

"I've been doing this for 5 years now - 1,511 lovely ladies have passed through my records. 21 ladies that were in the data base when I started are still there, but all the rest are new arrivals. Right now, 157 ladies are in Moscow, 163 are in Kiev, 52 are in the US, and 34 are in Yaroslavl."

While the numbers are interesting, I know that there is a human face associated with each one. Right now, two faces come to mind, Steve and Mila. I can't imagine how many other lives of all these people have been touched along the way.

The second round of unexpected expectations came from Bill Dembeck and Mark Ferris. Bill brought along and introduced us to his new fiancée, Antonina, from Moscow. They are with the American flag in the slide show above. Mark followed up by introducing his new fiancée, Inna, from Kiev.

Antonia and Inna made some instant connections with the other Russian and Ukrainian ladies at the Saturday Club Social. They were both made to feel welcome in at both the event and in the USA! Meanwhile, Bill and Mark accepted the congratulation from the other clients. They all share a sense of joy and accomplishment. Now, Bill and Mark can become mentors to those just starting their quest at Encounters International. Congratulations to the two new couples!

New Arrivals
Encounters International Welcomes a New Generation

One of the best parts of my job here is making birth announcements. As our couples become stronger in marriage unity, it is only natural that 'little ones' appear. Sometime, I know in advance that a lady is expecting. At other times, it is a complete surprise to me. A client and his wife will show up at a Saturday Club Social with a new baby in their arms. In either case, it is a time for celebration and Champaign!

This time, I have twice the good news. Don and Zhanna Skalitzky of San Diego are pleased to announce the arrival of their twin daughters, Dorotea and Daria.

Don joined Encounters International in September 1999. He had the classic plan of traveling to Russia or Ukraine to meet a wonderful woman. Don looked at the online database and saw Zhanna there. He had a good feeling about her. He was surprised to she lived in the USA.

Zhanna, like many other Russian ladies, lived in the metro Washington, DC area. Since our headquarters is located in Bethesda, it is natural that they join the local agency.

The two exchanged e-mail and some encouraging telephone calls. It did not take long for Don to be headed to the local area to meet Zhanna, face-to-face. There was a connection and chemistry. It was obvious to me that love was there and growing. The couple married in October 2000. Now they are the proud parents of twin girls!

Don and Zhanna write, "The girls are a lot of joy and work. We are blessed. Thank you for making this happen!" This is the sentiment that makes my job worthwhile. Please visit their web site http://www.skalitzky.com/girls.htm to see the newest Encounters International generation and join me in congratulating the couple.

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