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Exciting New Membership Enhancements

Exciting New Membership Enhancements!

We have just completed a restructuring of the Encounters International membership options. Here's what the result of this work has provided for you. The regular Encounters International membership is unchanged. We have revised the database preview membership (often called trial membership also) to add new features and additional value for our prospective clients.

First, I don't believe the Trial Membership name correctly reflected the goal of the membership. I don't want you to try Encounters International for a few days and then leave. Instead, I want you to get to know us a bit, learn about the process, see the women in the database, and then decide if Encounters International is right for you.

Therefore, this membership is now called, "Get To Know Us." The enhancements to the membership have been made to align the membership with the goal above. It is important to note that the membership cost remains at the same rate of $50.00 US. I will explain these enhancements and what is included first. Then I'll tell you what is not in this membership and why not.

The new membership is really the first step toward your regular membership at Encounters International. Most people don't buy a house without looking inside the property. That is the way I feel about considering the agency. The "Get To Know Us" membership allows prospective clients to open the door and get a look inside at what we have to offer.

Prospective clients may wonder why we have a password protected database? Especially when some other agencies openly advertise the photos of the women they have available or the web or in print catalogs. Believe me, if I had an open-to-the-public database, I would have no problem attracting clients. When a prospective client got a look at the diverse group of beautiful, available women we represent, he would be ready to join immediately. If profit was the motive, I would have an open database.

Fortunately, profit is not why the database is password protected. It's not an attempt to keep men and women separated until we are compensated. Here's the reason! Encounters International attracts some very successful women in Russia, Ukraine, and America. We have doctors, surgeons, attorneys, television personalities, and even college students. In most cases these successful women want privacy. Thet do not desire international Internet exposure.

In fact, many of the most beautiful, available women who join Encounters International do so because we do offer a larger degree of privacy than most other agencies. They have told me that without this protection, they would not consider joining any agency. There are many reasons for this concern on the part of women.

Here are some actual examples. A part-time model and college student in America was not satisfied with the maturity of the men at her school. She wanted to ensure that her photo was not seen by her fellow students on campus. A successful television producer in Russia did not want her photo seen in catalogs or web sites that may be available to public viewers in her country. In just these two cases, these beautiful women joined Encounters International because we were willing to protect their privacy and limit their exposure to serious male clients.

So, that is the intent of the closed database and why the "Get To Know Us" membership was created in the first place--to allow prospective male clients that preview look inside the Encounters International database that's closed to the public view.

Onward to the "Get To Know Us" membership and the new features! We have enhanced this membership by extending the active length of time for database access and preview from 3 to 7 days! After the preview period expires you now have up to 30 days to become a regular Encounters International member and apply the $50 toward your fee.

You will still be provided a custom video tape of women's interviews recorded in Moscow, Kiev, or the USA. The number of interviews for this tape has increased from 6 to 10. Of course, you select the 10 women who interest you the most!

We know that you have shown an interest and commitment to the Encounters International program. Therefore, I will mail you a personal invitation to attend one of our upcoming Saturday Club socials in Bethesda, MD. Saturday Club events are not open to the public and may only be attended by our clients, or by personal invitation (if you are not a client). This new enhancement to the membership has generated a lot of interest and excitement!

Finally, the complete contact information (address, telephone number, and e-mail) for women who live outside Moscow and Kiev is included in the "Get To Know Us," membership package. You may recall that Encounters International requires that all women accepted to our program must reside in or very near Moscow and Kiev in order for us to provide true personalized service to both parties. Our couples often bring us photos of friends or family members who are not in these areas.

It is a shame that we cannot accept them into our program simply because of their location and our inability to screen. However, we now make these women and their complete contact information available (in the database) for our regular clients, as well as our "Get To Know Us" members! Usually, we have at least 12 free addresses available in the database at any time. Even if you simply took the free addresses from the database, the cost would still be about $4.00 per address! These contacts rotate as soon as we receive more to add.

Of course, we still do our best to apply the same standards to these women. In other words, just because the contact information is free, the women must continue to meet our physical appearance requirements as a minimum! As I mentioned, these women have not been screened and are not part of the Encounters International program. You may contact them as you wish without the need to use our services or support.

One thing that is not is the ability to contact the women in the database. I don't believe that it is in the best interest of our women to allow correspondence to be initiated. The Russian women in the database are only interested in serious and committed. I do not want to expose them to anyone who is not a regular member, in for the long-term. It will be very confusing and disappointing to the them if a man begins contacting them and then stops writing because he decides not to join Encounters International as a regular member.

The reputation of Encounters International, for having only serious male clients, is not worth sacrificing for an additional $50 of income! Also, I don't feel that a restricted time length of corresponding with women will accomplish your goal of meeting the right woman. Our agency has a core value of establishing a firm relationship foundation based on a reasonable period of correspondence. You can read more about this on our new on-line handbook (coming soon).

The pressure to initiate meaningful correspondence, just to beat an arbitrary deadline, places a great deal of added pressure on both the women contacted and my staff. How? The staff must press the women to provide responses without much thought. The women would not have sufficient time to consider her decision. In addition, the photos of the "Get To Know Us" members would not be available for the women to view before making a decision on further correspondence. Nobody benefits from this situation.

I believe that any positive response may set in place a false hope for either the man, the woman, or both. Finally, I know that this would just be a way to offer nothing more than the fantasy of contacting a Russian woman. Again, there would likely be more harm than good from corresponding during the "Get To Know Us" membership.

On a positive note, I want to welcome prospective clients to join Encounters International. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Complete contact information is at the bottom of this page!

Here is a table for easy comparison between the previous membership features and the new enhancements!

Membership Question Baseline Feature Enhanced Feature
What is the membership name? Trial Member or
Database Preview
"Get To Know Us!"
What is the length of time for database access? 3 Days 7 Days
How long do I have to become a regular member after activation? 14 Days 30 Days
Can I apply the fee to a regular membership? Yes Yes
Do I get complete contact (address, e-mail, phone) information for women for who are not clients? No Yes
How many women's interviews can I get on the video tape? 6 Interviews 10 Interviews
May I attend a Saturday Club Social? No, Sorry Yes, Welcome
What does the membership cost? $50.00 $50.00 (Still)
Can I contact women during this period? No No
Can I sign up on-line and start my membership right now? Yes Yes! Follow This Link

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