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Video clips from women's interviews now Online! (April 25, 1997)

You can now enjoy the benefits of our personalized service in yet another way. Since we personally interview every woman applying to become a member, we have video taped interviews of those who passed the screening and were accepted. You cannot disagree that finding the right woman to be your wife has such long-lasting effect on your entire life that avoiding a mistake at any cost is of paramount importance. To help you in this process, we decided to demonstrate the resources available to all EI clients.

From now on, in order to give you a better appreciation of the caliber of women we accept in our service, we'll be attaching video clips from the interviews of certain women for viewing online. Full interviews of these and practically all the other EI women clients are available upon request.

You can purchase video tapes containing up to 12 interviews of the women you choose for $35 per tape. You can choose the women from the sample pictures online or you can purchase the database of still pictures on video tapes at the cost of $35 per tape. There are three tapes available: one with 200 women in the age group 18-29, one with 150 women in the age group 30-39 and one with 100 women in the age group 40+. Each woman on each tape is represented by a written profile and 3 still pictures.

Full and unlimited access to the entire online database and two free interview tapes with up to 12 interviews each come with your EI membership. Subsequent tapes can be purchased by clients for $15 each. (A five dollar refund is made if you return the used tape.)

We've also simplified access to the publicly available pictures and video clips. Instead of filling out a form, you can now easily view all the sample pictures and associated video clips from a particular age group by simply pressing a button.

To see these changes, access the database as an EI client or access the sample pictures.


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