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Encounters International Member Hosts Saturday Club Party.

Fall Festival hosted by Ken Myers from Gaithersburg, MD
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"There is no place like home" describes the general feeling and the atmosphere of Saturday Club party in September. It was relaxing and free of pressure. Ken Myers, our host was the center of attention and deserved it. He had been making his house ready for the party for the entire week and still was hoping that we would come later rather than earlier. That would allow him to finish his Southern style slow cooking to compliment Russian food festival expected for this evening. Later he confessed that while looking through the window just around the time for the party to start he remembered his Pentagon job related joke "Russians are coming! Russians are coming! -- Do not worry, they will never come on time".

Well, what ever worries any host experiences before the party, he is being compensated with complements and extra attention from the guests during the party. Ken did not mind that attention at all.

Ken's spacious house allowed everybody to have enough space for private conversations. Although some clients did not want any privacy at all. Bill Lawson and Mark Ferris felt like sharing the news about their recent engagements with the entire world. Both have just returned from the respective trips to Moscow and Kiev. Both became engaged to the ladies who they consider to be the most beautiful ladies in EI (and in the world too), and both took turns showing their fiancees' photos in EI albums and accepting words of congratulation.

At times though it seemed that ladies outnumbered men. But even so, everybody enjoyed the party so much that most guests were reluctant to leave and the party continued after midnight.

I want to take this opportunity and thank Ken Myers one more time for hosting a great party.

Saturday, September 28, 2002 from 6 PM at Ken Myers' place once again

Our Saturday Club socials have gone on the road of new locations and new theme events recently. Last month's Clyde's restaurant and bar party was a success. It quickly produced a few instant matches. I continue receiving new and original ideas regarding the location and the format of EI future socials.

In fact, many of my clients have offered to open their homes and become hosts of the Saturday Club socials. This is just another example that Encounters International ‘family of clients’ is not just words. It has the real meaning indeed. I wanted to tell you, guys, how much I appreciate your good spirit!

The first offer came from Ken Myers. Being a veteran of Vietnam war and the September 11 Pentagon attack survivor, he possesses remarkable zest of life. Ken offered to open the doors of his spacious house in Gaithersburg to host September 28 Saturday Club Social.

After several summer months of "great outdoors" parties we all started missing the 'cozy' home atmosphere of old fashioned EI Saturday gathering. So, Ken's offer came just in time. He will host this month social

 Saturday, September 28, 2002 from 6 PM
 His address: 19109 North Pike Creek Place
Montgomery Village Md. 20886

Ken's directions: 270 North Exit 11, Montgomery Village Ave.
Stay on Montgomery Ave go down 5 Lights .
1. 355 and Montgomery village Ave
2. Russell Ave
3. Lost Knife
4. Mid-County
5. Stedwick and Montgomery Ave.
6. Entrance to Lakeside of Wet Stone is 100 feet from the light "Stedwrick and Mont. Ave".

Turn Right Across from Sir Walter Raleigh on Whetstone Drive go in until the Stop sign,
(you will be driving UP a hill, after passing theStop sign and open area on your left.)
Entrance to North Pike Creek Place will be on your left.
Go to the third house on the right with a porch.
You may have to park on Wet Stone Drive.
Parking on my street is limited.

This month we start a new tradition of presenting slide show reports about Saturday Club parties. I am sure that it will encourage all of you not to miss these monthly socials. 

Encounters International Saturday Club social August 31, 2002 at Clyde's in Chevy Chase, MD.

Saturday Club Social July 27, 2002
Picnic at lake Needwood in Maryland

The theme for our September gathering  is Fall Festival, I'll call it  "Russian Septemberfest".  We'll enjoy good food and good company. The social  is open for the entire EI community of single clients, Russian ladies and couples. Get-to-know-us members -- both recent and those who joined some time ago, but never had a chance to use their invitation during summer months  -- are welcome! The party is free, but as usual, a bottle of wine or a dish would be appreciated.

Ladies who need a ride, we'll be carpooling from the usual place near Twinbrook Metro. Please call for more details.

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