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Kiev Party 2002

February 16, 2002

'Love Is In The Air'

Valentine's Day is the time to turn those winter time 'blues' into romantic reds! The holiday season is behind us now and we are in the cold grasp of winter. Our Valentine's Day Party is the perfect time to set aside the worries of bills, insurance, and taxes. Again this year, Encounters International will host a Valentine's Day theme party as part of the monthly Saturday Club Socials.


February 16


8527 West Howell Rd.

Bethesda, MD 20817


Although the Saturday Club Social this month is February 16, the spirit of Valentine's Day will continue to be present here in Bethesda. It will be a special gathering of Encounters International alumni and current members from around the country. It's a special time of romance and togetherness.

The party will begin at 6:00 p.m. and continue until Cupid has fired his last arrow of romance! Let's hope his aim continues to be pleasantly accurate.


Our Parties Are Not Just In The USA!

Five of our couples made the independent decision to travel to Kiev over New Year’s Eve. It did not matter that they were from different backgrounds and age groups and geographical areas, they still thought alike. During one of our Saturday Club Socials here in Bethesda, some of them exchanged information. They were all surprised to discover the timing of each other’s trip to Kiev. After some discussion, the plan was clear. There must be a New Year’s Party in the Kiev. Since all the ladies involved belonged to the same agency and many had met before, pulling off the planning was easy.

Party in Kiev

Bill Lawson and Anna Grigorieva


Joe Wiggington and Tatiana Burlakova


Not only there were some first time visitors at the party, but some veteran travelers also went to Kiev. Joe Wiggington somehow managed to pull off a surprise visit to Tatiana Burlakova for a birthday celebration. Generally, the planning and coordination for a trip is hard to keep secret. But, Joe managed to become a stealth legend in our Kiev office by doing this. I don’t know who enjoyed the surprise birthday celebration more; Joe, his fiancée, or her family.



I think Bill Lawson is the only client I have had that does not have a birth certificate. The man has more spunk and spirit than a youthful teenager! Bill, who claims to not even know his own age (with a wing of course), embraced the party as a personal project. He became the embodied soul of the growing Kiev event.

Bill’s beautiful fiancée, Ann, liked the idea of the Kiev party and immediately started pitching in. In Kiev, she was a gracious hostess, showing true Ukrainian hospitality and classic cooking skills. The reports I received about the amount of food prepared make me worry about Bill gaining weight when Ann takes over the kitchen duties in his house.



Dale Johnson and Tatiana Golovenko

Unlike the first three clients you met, Dale Johnson was heading to Kiev to meet Tatiana Golovenko for the first time! Following months of daily correspondence and telephone calls, his trip was a “sure deal.” In spite of the emotional ups and downs during the months before his trip, the couple met and were inseparable. Of all couples in Kiev, they were probably the least in need of a festive party. Nevertheless, it was not possible to resist the aura of love that was present in our Kiev office. Dale and Tatiana joined in!

Behind the scenes of this successful party was our Kiev office manager, Ludmila Igolkina. It was easy for our clients to have a great time because she was working so hard to organize and coordinate. In addition, Ludmila still had an active agency office to manage! At the end of the party, everyone was happy. After all, that is our business: make our clients happy for a party and for life



"I left my heart in Kiev" were the first words that I heard from my Kiev partygoers when they returned to the United States. No wonder, that less than one month after the trip Bill is talking about going back. Encounters International couples March Kiev party is his next project. I hope that I can join this party too.


Jerry Weidner and Svetlana

First time overseas traveler Jerry Wiedner was also in Kiev for the New Year’s Party. Jerry joined Encounters International while he was in an advanced stage of correspondence with Svetlana from Nikopol, Ukraine. As a client, he was shown all the care of someone visiting one of the ladies in our agency.

Our Kiev office manager, Ludmila, was able to meet Svetlana before Jerry’s arrival and get her to one of our apartments there. Several of our ladies in Kiev wanted to meet Jerry also. Unfortunately, he was so taken by Svetlana’s beauty and personality that he did not want to meet anyone else. The best description for Jerry was smitten. He proposed to Svetlana during his fist visit.

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