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Encounters International Handbook of Knowledge

Encounters International Handbook of Knowledge

"Everything that you never knew you needed to know about finding the woman of your dreams!"

This month we are pleased to introduce to you our major project called, the Encounters International Handbook. The material that is presented in this Handbook is based on numerous interviews and discussions with past, present, and prospective EI clients. After addressing thousands upon thousands of questions by telephone, e-mail and fax, I desired to develop some easy way to disseminate the knowledge and insight that 7 years in this business has given me. It was my wish to be able to present the material written in a non-intimidating way. You don't need Department of State Foreign Service Warning Bulletins thrown at you (Join us or die!). Likewise, you don't need to be hounded by a used car salesman trying to get you to sign on the dotted line (We're the best at everything!). I decided to inform with some light humor, real life examples, statistics and facts. In other words, no hype! Thus, the Handbook is the realization of my goal.

Sure, I could write a book and charge a few dollars for the content. But, that is not my goal today. I enjoy working with my clients  and I know that informed prospective clients become the very best clients after they join!

There are plenty of concerns out there when you take an active role in finding a Russian or Ukrainian woman to share the rest of your life with. I believe that serious people should be concerned. But, these should be real and not imaginary concerns. I am sure that the EI Handbook will help you to differentiate between the two!

Whether you are a client of Encounters International, a prospective client, or you are not going to be a client, I believe that you will find out something in the Handbook that you will use and take away as a benefit. Although I am wholeheartedly convinced that Encounters International is the best marriage agency in the world, I tried to be as objective as possible describing the different ways to find the right Russian woman. I have presented the facts, both good and bad, and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

We continue working on the project and addressing more and more issues. However, I thought that by publishing the first chapters of the Handbook now, we would give you a chance to give us your feedback. I am looking forward to your comments. Please follow the following link to the Main Page of the Handbook and let me know how you like the format and content.


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