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The Experiment
I assembled a list of ten Encounters International married couples without disclosing their names. The wives' information (date and place of birth) was listed without particular order in one column. The husbands' information was listed in the other column. Their natal astrological birthday charts were prepared, and based on the contacts and aspects involved in the interpretion of the charts, it was determined which pairs of charts would be the best matches. As it turned out, the matched sets of men-to-women were people who were happily married to each other - introduced by Encounters International.

Isn't that amazing? Alan Friedman, who is developing an EI advanced e-mail system, conducted this experiment. He explained that the branch of Astrology which concerns the relationship between the Astrological charts of two individuals is known as Synastry. This is the study of the contacts and connections between the planets, houses, etc., of one person's chart with that of another.

The obvious success of the experiment prompted me to apply it to our service and its clients as an extra and fun way to help them validate their choices. As you well know, practically all Russian women believe in Astrology to a certain degree. Even if you do not understand all there is to know about Astrology, you will have an advantage relating to Russian women when you demonstrate your awareness of this issue.

In order to benefit from our Astrological Research Project our clients need to give us your date of birth, the city or town and country of birth, and the time of birth (as accurately as possible). Also, provide us the list of the ladies that you are corresponding with or considering to contact. In just a few cays, you will get the results of your astrological compatibility with the ladies that you chose. Then you can do your own analysis on the results.

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