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Encounters International Swimming Pool and BBQ party

EI Swimming Pool and BBQ Party (July 31, 1999)

EI Saturday Club BBQ party

July is a special month. It is the time when we celebrate Encounters International Anniversary. Like EI annual Open House (around Valentine's Day) this midsummer big event is becoming another EI tradition. For the first time we are going to have it ... in a swimming pool. One of our clients owns a public swimming pool with lots of trees around and a BBQ area. It is reserved for Encounters International party Saturday, July 31 from 4 PM. All EI single clients, couples and children are welcome. It is going to be a lot of fun!

As you know, Russians do not need to have a reason to celebrate. And when they do have a reason, they celebrate big time. This month we have more than one reason. Encounters International is turning six years old. More than two hundred couples have the reason to consider EI the prime reason why they found each other. More than 30 children have the reason to thank their moms that they were born in the better part of the world... And still the main reason to celebrate is that we are happy. Unhappy people do not celebrate anything. The fact that there are so many of you, EI clients and families, who show up at our monthly socials is the best indicator that you are happy and it works for you. Isn't it the reason to celebrate?

Since I was away from the country and was unable to make this announcement earlier, I would like to ask those of you who reads this to notify other EI families and single American men and Russian women of this event. I am sure they will regret if they miss it.

Please call (301-530-7759) for directions to the swimming pool or come to EI "head quarters" in Bethesda around 3:30 PM and we will carpool there. Also, you may want to bring beverages, snacks and meats for the grill. And of course don't forget your cameras.

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