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Encounters International Ladies that need a Ride

Ladies who are planning to come to Encounters International Open House in Orlando and would appreciate an offer for a ride.

Angela lives in North Carolina and has placed her RSVP for the EI Open House in Orlando. She would appreciate it if anybody in that area could give her a ride. She is determined to make a trip to Bethesda to attend our Saturday Club November 27, 1999, so you can meet her then..

Yelena is residing in Maryland. She also is very interested in going to Florida.

I know Tina from the time when she came and brought her daughter to see me in Moscow a couple of years ago. Her 19 year old daughter is happily married to one of my clients now. She lives in Virginia. The roles have changed. Now the daughter came and brought her mother to see me in Bethesda. Tina is one of the recent local clients in Encounters International. She is planning to come to our Millennium celebration in Orlando.

Luda lives in Rockville, MD. She is a permanent resident and has a permanent job here. I interviewed her on the video tape and waiting for more pictures in order to include her into the database. we are going to include her into the database.


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