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Encounters International Fifth Anniversary Party Announcement

Encounters International Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary


When: July 25, 1998 at 6 PM

Where: 10419 Snow Point Drive in Bethesda MD,

What: EI's Fifth Anniversary Party

It is not just another EI Open House or EI wedding. It is an Anniversary of our Encounters International family of clients. Traditionally anniversaries are the triumph of stability and sustain success. It is a report of what you take pride in. And we have a lot to be proud of.

We are going to introduce our "record breaking" couples and toast them with champagne. You will hear from the "veteran" couple (almost five years together -- as long as EI exists) and from the most recent couple (almost five days together), from the couple who had the longest romantic history (almost three years of courtship) and the couple who knew each other the shortest period (almost three days) before they got engaged, from the youngest couple introduced by EI (in their mid twenties) and the oldest couple (in their late sixties), from the couple with the largest difference in age (35 years) and the couple with no difference in age, from the couple which has the largest number of children between the two of them (five all together) and the couple... the list is going on and on, I hope that the effect of the champagne consumed while toasting them all will not get in the way of the party which will follow .

We want to call this party From Moscow Nights to America the Beautiful. This Russian American music appreciation party will become the highlight of our Anniversary day. We have a lot of talents in our EI cross-cultural community. There are many professional pianists and singers among the Russian and Ukraine women who are more than willing to share their talents with the rest of us. I am sure that it will be an unforgettable evening. It will leave the women with the feeling of getting in touch with their homeland culture. In conclusion, my son Michael whose 15th birthday coincides with the anniversary party will demonstrate the new generation's trend of music by playing some most recent guitar songs.

All Encounters International couples and singles are welcome.

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