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More Access to the Online! Database for Non-Clients (April 2, 1997)

In response to great interest by non-clients, we've rearranged how access to the online database works. Previously, only 30 or so women of the 450 could be seen by non-clients. Unfortunately, with such a narrow selection, it was easy to create a query that would indicate no one met the selection criteria.

Now, when a non-client does a query, the system tells him how many women meet the criteria and displays the first five found. This satisfies the needs of the non-client while reserving full access and speed of service for our clients.

For the non-client, there is a much clearer indication of what EI has to offer since the number of women meeting the desired criteria is shown. Furthermore, a sample of those women is presented to the non-client.

For the client, full access to the database is available with no restrictions. As always, the client can submit queries returning as few or as many women as are found in the database. Moreover, the reduced size of the transfers to non-clients reserves a greater portion of available bandwidth for client use.

So give it a try. You can access the database as an EI client or you can try the new functionality and access the database even though you are not yet an EI client.



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