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Safe Places to Meet a Russian Lady of Your Dreams

Meet her in the Dominican Republic

Puerto Plaza

The next safest place for an American to meet a Russian lady is , which Russians often find to be a most fashionable place to enjoy a dream vacation, while it is also a convenient, safe, and familiar location for Americans to travel to.

at the  resort beach

at the villa's  swimming pool


Things to Consider

Close proximity to the USA

This provides an American gentleman with better usage of his time spent traveling and saves his vacation time. He has no long flights, no jet lag the following day, no adjustment time for weather conditions, food, water, and other such issues.
Typically Russians have more vacation time, and they do not mind to do this much travel.

No visas are needed.

The Dominican Republic does not require visas for visitors from Russia/Ukraine or the USA. That saves you costs and spares her the effort to go through the normal hustle to get her own visa in Russia.

24/7 is available to spend time together.

In getting to know each other, 100 percent of the time can be spent together.

There is no:

  • Waiting for her when she is late for a date, or when she has an emergency at work.
  • Disruption from irritating cell phone calls.
  • Last minute change or cancellation of the plans.
  • Need to bring any of her children or relatives on a date

Protection from scams.

  • The gentleman is not stuck in the "middle of nowhere" and is not at the mercy of a local scamming agency, or a scamming woman, or both.
  • His relationship is not influenced or manipulated by a local agency, the agency’s interpreters, the lady’s Russian friends and "well-wishers", or all of the above.

No stress of unknown.

  • There are no worries about arranging accommodations, how to get there, where to go to eat, or what to do in the evening, as the resort takes care of all the couple’s needs 24/7.
  • Without the stress associated with travel to a new country, the gentleman’s total energy remains high, which he now can direct entirely to his lady.

The weather is predictable and perfect year round

  • As the weather in the Dominican Republic is basically always like summer, there are no needs to pack suit-cases with goose down jackets and snow boots to be ready for Russia’s typical miserable weather during the major part of the year.
  • The couple can enjoy the beach atmosphere and enjoy how they each look in their swim suits rather than in bulky fur coats.

Language and cultural similarity.

Communication with each other and with the locals can be in English, including reading restaurant menus, all of which adds to the gentleman’s confidence and therefore accommodating a Russian lady’s desire for a man she can admire, appreciate, and feel comfortable with.

The Russian lady has the entire vacation time at this resort to experience what it will be like to emerge into a different language and culture.

A more desirable exotic vacation spot for a Russian lady

  • Normally most Russians vacation each year in Turkey and Egypt where visa requirements are relaxed and costs are cheaper.  As a result, charter planes from Moscow to these travel hot spots are always in demand, and the Russian language has become a second language for many locals residing in these resort locations.
  • It is harder to meet and impress a Russian lady in these places, let alone to deal with concerns about travel and safety warnings that are often issued by American Embassies in these countries.
  • Therefore, the Dominican Republic is more impressive to Russians, as it is in the Caribbean, it is exotic, and it is a vacation with style to tell her mother about and boast about to her friends.

Fixed resort cost year round.

  • It is often difficult to determine exactly how much money is needed to spend when traveling to Russia to meet a lady.  Discos, casinos, restaurants, taxi rides, day trips outside the city, and shopping for gifts and clothes for her all may quickly cost more than a prepared travel budget may allow.
  • Therefore, the Dominican Republic resort can provide all meals, activities, and entertainment in a fixed cost package, while warm weather and a casual lifestyle reduce the need to shop for clothes, boots, or evening gowns as in Russia.

IMBRA limits the number of visas allowed

  • The new IMBRA law sets a limit of two fiancée visas that an American man can apply for without having to apply for a special waiver for more.  Therefore, it is more important than ever to get to know and meet a Russian lady more than once before filing for any fiancée visa.
  • Normally a first meeting's prime mission requires a good impression on each other and any friends and family that may be present.  Therefore it is necessary to effectively estimate the importance of any additional meetings when there are limited opportunities to impress each other or anyone else that may be present.  Often people clearly display the good and the bad sides of their personality when they do not have to impress or to play roles.
  • Therefore spending 24/7 in the Dominican Republic together away from their homes allows for a "make it or break it" test of compatibility before filing for a fiancée visa.
If it is your first meeting with the Russian lady consider the following:

Meet only one lady at a time:.

For an American gentleman who establishes correspondence with a number of ladies and plans to meet all or most of them, this Caribbean package option is not his best choice.  To meet multiple ladies with this option defeats its purpose, especially as good Russian ladies do not normally deal very well with a concept of a “harem”.

    Blessing in disguise:: By having to be selective and likely make a single choice, this option may provide enough time to recognize potential "red flags" with more clarity during correspondence.


You may be stuck with a wrong lady:

Often a first face to face meeting with a Russian lady reveals that one or both have no physical or emotional attraction to the other, which results in a potential waste of time and money.

    Blessing in disguise: By both being able to spend relaxed time together and making effective adjustments as they get to know each other better, they may well develop a strong attraction to each other and even fall in love by the end of the stay.


The cost of the trip:

As will be explained later, the total cost of this Caribbean option is normally comparable with a similar trip to Russia or Ukraine and is especially true when one is accustomed to traveling with a certain degree of comfort.

When one prefers to travel on a shoe string budget, choose to stay in student hostels, eat in local McDonalds, and use only public transportation, a Caribbean vacation with a Russian lady most likely will not be the preferred option.

    Blessing in disguise: When traveling on a shoe string in Russia or Ukraine, some quality women and quality time spent with them will be missed.  Some of these women may have been turned off because they received wrong messages that this travel style projected on them. No matter how classy or how simple a Russian lady may be, an invitation for her to the Caribbean resort is the treat that no lady would refuse.


Concerns that a Russian Woman may have:

A Russian woman is normally concerned and hesitant about any long trip to meet a total stranger for the first time, rather than to meet him in her home country. 

Blessing in disguise: When she is hesitant, this can be a good sign, because it shows that she is mature and responsible and unlikely to be a scammer.  So Since EI is a personalized agency with extensive research about male clients, EI office managers are provided with important and necessary details about male clients in the hope to alleviate any of her concerns regardless of her choice of where to meet.  Moreover IMBRA style background information about each male client is available in Russian for all ladies to review in the EI password protected database.

Luis and Anna

EI Services to Assist Meeting Russian Ladies in the Dominican Republic

  1. EI has put together special vacation rental packages at a luxury Lifestyle-Hacienda resort in Puerto Plata that are not available for the same price to the general public. Please read more about all the different options that will help you make your decision, and also please read about the many positive comments in their experiences by our clients who have already met their Russian ladies at this Lifestyle resort and loved it.
  2. If the lady has never traveled outside Russia or Ukraine before, EI office managers will put her mind at ease by explaining to her all the issues associated with the trip. Also, we can put her in touch with other Russian or Ukrainian women who have already been to this resort.
  3. EI will help make travel arrangements for her, and most importantly, it will remove the unnecessary risk associated with sending her significant amounts of cash for tickets and any other travel issues.
  4. Should the lady not be an EI client, EI will contact her to determine her real intentions before considering making trip arrangements.