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Meeting Russian ladies in the USA - Advantages of being Encounters International client

Meet Russian Ladies without going to Russia

"I want to thank you and let you know that it's been a great year I & Scott spent together, he is all I've ever dreamed of, we are very happy and getting married in a month or two. We haven't decided the date yet, but will keep you posted. Thank you one more time for the call that you made that evening telling me about Scott, it was really special, I don't think we'd be together if you hadn't called". Natalia Poznyakova, VA

Encounters International is the only agency that provides its clients a choice of meeting Russian ladies in Russia and in the USA.

Encounters International database lists dozens of single Russian women residing in the USA. I have personally interviewed each and every lady who applied for EI membership in the USA either in person or over the phone. I know exactly how long she has been in the USA, what history of relationships she has had and what her expectations are .Another advantage of being EI client is when you are interested in a particular lady and want to know more about her before contacting her, this information will be available to you and will make it easy for you to initiate the contact.

Usually I like to take time and call the lady that you are interested in. It gives me a chance to tell her more about you and why I think that you might be a good match. After that conversation a lady is looking forward to your call. It sets the stage for a successfully beginning and eliminates the dreadful effect of a blind date for you.

Most of the US based Russian ladies that belong to EI live in the USA permanently as citizens or green card holders. The most typical reasons why they are here include: they were married to an American citizen and got divorced or widowed, they had a business visa that was converted to a green card, they were exchange students and found the jobs that sponsored their green cards, they won a green card in the Green Card Lottery, they have relatives in the USA and reunited with them by way of immigration.

Some of the Russian ladies from EI database reside in the USA temporarily. They might be here as au pairs taking care of children in an American family for one or two years. They might be visiting their friends and relatives. Typically these ladies join EI overseas. When they tell me that they are planning to come to the USA I inform those clients that might be interested in meeting them here. This is an ongoing process and at any given time I know a number of ladies preparing to come for an extended visit to the USA.

The advantage of meeting a Russian woman in the USA are;

  1. No time pressure to make a decision and become engaged
  2. No expense and stress of going to Russia
  3. No surprises for her as far as your life style and personal environment is concerned
  4. No fear that she is a con artist or a man writing hot love letters behind the scene.

Although there always will be more single Russian women in Russia than in the United States, never the less, the number of happy marriages between EI clients and local Russian women is growing as indicated in EI statistics.

Please let me know if you are interested in Russian ladies here, in the USA. It is always my pleasure to call them with a good news that often changes their lives -- and yours.



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