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"You can certainly correspond with many Russian women more cheaply, but the problem is they have no idea who you are and just as importantly, you have no idea who they are.  EI helps bridge that gap and bring together men and women who are right for each other.  So unless you have a wise old Russian Babushka who knows her grandson and all the eligible good looking girls in the village (Moscow, Kiev or Yaroslavl) I’d put myself in the hands of Natasha and her staff. " John Lumetta, CA

First, we would like to know what "type" of women you are attracted to. I know that one thing men do not compromise on is the looks. Of course, the beauty is in the eyes of beholder. So, we want you to select from our database a number of women that you believe meet your criteria. We recommend that you limit your initial efforts to ten or twelve ladies selected from all four EI offices.

Next, you contact us to arrange a telephone consultation to discuss the women you have selected. These women may have similar looks and profiles, but they might be a world apart as far as their personalities and expectations are concerned. During the discussion we will offer our invaluable insights and information about each lady. As you know, we have interviewed and carefully screened each woman represented by Encounters International. We know if she is currently corresponding with other clients or not, how motivated she is and what history of relationships she has had. Expect to drop a few names from your selection list after you receive this confidential information. Relax and enjoy because you have just been spared unnecessary aggravation. Simply put it, you will not "shoot in the dark" when making initial contact.

Moreover, if one lady from our database stands out and she 'takes your breath away', or even she is the main reason why you joined EI, I will personally contact her on your behalf and make sure that she receives the most favorable impression about you. It is always a pleasure to tell a lady that somebody finds her the most attractive lady in the world.

Sometimes "your type" of a lady that I personally know well is not on your selection list. You may have thought that she was too young for you or too sexy. I may draw your attention to her and explain why I think that she might be a good match for you. You will be surprised with the results.

EI office mangers in Moscow, Kiev and Yaroslavl are your personal local agents overseas . Often office managers know and spend more time with EI ladies than they spend with their own friends and family. "E-mail EI offices" button from Members Only area is designed to keep in touch with office managers. Not only the managers will answer your specific question, but will tell you which ladies expressed interest in you and which have no interest at all and why.

Meeting the right person from a foreign country and building a successful relationship with her is like a project. You will succeed if you have a 'reliable data' -- all women should be for real and unquestionable . If you have a 'project manager' who knows the subject -- a matchmaker - to guide you in the right direction. You will succeed if you make a commitment to this project and give it some time to develop.

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