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Communication with Russian Ladies

Communication with Russian Ladies

As a member of Encounters International at any given time you can contact any and all Russian/Ukrainian ladies represented by EI residing in the USA or in Russia/Ukraine. It is customary to make the first contact with the ladies via e-mailed messages.

Free Outgoing E-mail messages

You can begin e-mailing your letters to the ladies directly from the database by pressing the E-MAIL button at the bottom of the lady's detailed profile. All your outgoing e-mail letters are FREE of charge.

There is no limit to the number of the letters sent per day, week or month.

There is no limit to the number of EI or non-EI women you want to contact.
(If you are an EI client and you are already corresponding with a Russian woman who is not in EI, Moscow or Kiev offices will forward your e-mailed letters to her at no extra charge.)

Outgoing letters should be sent as text, not as an attachment.
(In special cases when scanned attachments have to be sent to a particular lady, you can e-mail them to Encounters International US office at natasha@encount.com for manual forwarding to Moscow or Kiev offices. )

Outgoing letters are received in EI offices and forwarded to the ladies. It is easy to do, when a lady has Internet access at home. And what if she does not? There are different ways to deliver your letters to them. For example, one lady may have Internet access at work or an account in Internet cafe. She will to be notified by phone or SMS message that your letter is awaiting her. Some ladies live close to the office and will stop by to pick up your letter at their convenience. While other ladies live in the far away suburbs of Moscow or Kiev and will ask the office manager to read your letter to them on the phone in order to save their travel time.

More or less the same applies to the Russian ladies residing in the USA. The majority of them do have Internet at home while some have to go to their friends or a library to access their e-mail accounts and respond to your e-mails.

Response letters. Incoming E-mail messages

All response letters from all the ladies represented in EI database are FREE of charge.

That's right.. In striking difference with most of the online dating agencies that make you pay for a letter before you can open it, regardless of its content and origin, all of EI correspondence comes to your regular e-mail address that you registered on your EI membership profile free of charge. Since EI does not charge for "unsolicited" letters, you will never worry that a lady who chose to write to you is not genuine. In fact, we strongly recommend to take a closer look at those ladies who initiate correspondence with you.. After all, men think that they choose, but it is ladies who do the ultimate choosing.

Some ladies do not know English well enough. Practice showed that fluency in English does not make her a better wife and I do not recommend that you disqualify her for lack of English fluency. Instead you can choose one of two options provided for you in the database -- accept her response in Russian (if you know Russian or use online electronic translator) free of charge or request to have her response translated into English for a small fee of $3.50. This fee will be charged to your Petty Cash account. Please make sure that you keep it positive, otherwise it will cause delays in correspondence.

Note, that your petty cash account is refundable. If you never use it because, say, you will meet and marry a Russian lady in the USA, your petty cash account will remain intact and a refund check will be issued to you at the account closing.

You messages sent via EI database come to the ladies formatted to include one of your pictures inserted in the body of your message and detailed instructions in Russian that explain, how to use EI database and view your profile in Russian.

According to the new IMBRA law if the lady is interested in you, she must electronically sign an affidavit that she read your profile and she consents to correspond with you and releases her contact information to you. After that EI may provide you with her telephone numbers, and her electronic addresses, if available. Note: while all ladies' contact information is readily available in EI offices, we recommend that as a courtesy to the lady, you ask her permission to call her or e-mail her directly.

There are advantages and disadvantages to communicate with your ladies directly. Some of the advantages are office accountability for the delivery of your letters, office help in translating and interpreting your letters to the ladies and office matchmaking role during that process. Some of the advantages of using direct e-mail are privacy, frequency of message exchanges and cost savings, while a big disadvantage is inability to track down if a lady received your letter but not interested any more, or she is interested but never received your letter.

At the initial stage of correspondence advantages of using EI office for communication outnumber disadvantages by far. EI manager's matchmaking role alone can make the whole difference in the world for your future relationship. At the later stage though, when the couple develops strong interest in one another, the advantages of e-mailing directly become very obvious while the office role gradually subsides.

Encounters International will further assist you by providing great international telephone rates for your calls to Russia and Ukraine. Click here to sign up. The Network of former clients is available as a growing resource center. You can talk to these folks and utilize their valuable personal and professional experience.

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