::: The Woman Of Your Dreams Just May have a Russian Accent :::

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Dennis & Tatiana Boitum (married in 2000)
with their son Lucas and dadghter Ashley in 2006.

The Boitims family

Never would I have imagined that I would find the girl of my dreams in Russia. I am not implying that all Russian and Ukrainian girls have the qualities that a man is looking for. As in any country, a man must be careful. Every country has ladies who would not make a good wife. As in America, a man must not make a hasty decision. It is good to determine before-hand what he wants in a woman. Then, look beyond the girl's physical beauty and try to analyze her inner beauty--her values, her character, and her sincerity. It helps if we listen to our intuition, our "inner-guidance system." And then, after we make our decision, we must place our trust in our Creator, that we are making the decision that He wants us to make. And then, we must do everything in our power to make our marriage work, to treat our lady with the kindness and respect that she deserves; because, after all, it is not luck or simply "good fortune" that we have met--she is a blessing we have received...a special and generous gift from God

With My Best Wishes for Success, Happiness, and Love,

Dennis Boytim

Dennis and Tanya  Boytim

Tanya and Dennis are engaged in 1999

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